Finding a set of working and restorable original classic horns is just about impossible. There are many aftermarket horns that work well, but just look tacky under the hood of a nice Classic. The horns are right up front and one of the first things you see when the hood is raised. Even if you find a good working set of original horns, the price can really "blow" you away! We have developed a set of high/low replacement horns that look very close to original 1955-56 horns and will mount in the original horn location on all three years.

Parts List
1955-57 High/Low Note Horns

Tools Needed:
Crimping Pliers
1/2" Wrench

Time Frame
30 Minutes

Image #1a, 1b, 1c: Most replacement horns look like replacement horns; generic with a universal mounting bracket and look like they could be purchased at any old parts store. A replacement horn will most likely have a male spade connector, which would require a terminal change on the wiring harness for 1955-56 cars.

Image #2: The PIN 57-177558-1 horns look very similar to original 1955-56 horns. The dome on the horn is made of steel and the body is made of plastic. Since the cap is made of steel, the cap and mounting bracket can be chromed for a custom look if you wish. They are high-low note like the originals.

Image #3: The new horns include mounting bolts and serrated washers to install. Attach the horns to the upper bolts on the radiator filler panels.

Image #4a, 4b: The electrical connection on the horn accepts a forked terminal like the original 1955-56 connectors. When using the horns on a 1957, the supplied new wire terminals will need to be installed on the horn wires.

These new replacement horns will so und great and look close to the originals at a fraction of the cost.