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Shipping Assurance FAQ Top

Q: What is Shipping Assurance?

A: Shipping Assurance is an optional service that gives you a fast, hassle free way to get a replacement for an item on your order when shippings does not go as planned.


Q: When will my replacement ship?

A: Shipping Assurance expedites the process to get a replacement after you've used our return portal or contacted Customer Service to notify us of a lost/damaged item.

Check the chart below for the differences between our normal process and the process with Shipping Assurance.
   Normal Process  Process with Shipping Assurance
Return to Sender / Undeliverable Replacement shipped after item is returned. Replacement shipped immediately.
Lost In Transit - Package Shows Delivered Replacement released 48 hours after initial customer contact, after verifying no change in tracking status and confirming non-receipt with customer.
High-value or repeated losses may require a police report before a replacement is shipped.
Most replacements are shipped immediately.
High-value or repeated losses may result in a delay for additional verification.
Lost in Transit - Other Replacement sent after 4 days without tracking updates. Replacement sent after 2 days without tracking updates. 
Damaged Item Replacement sent after damaged item is returned. Replacement sent immediately after image of damage is uploaded.
Wrong Item Shipped Replacement sent after damaged item is returned. Replacement sent immediately after image of incorrect item is uploaded.

Q: What if I want a refund?

A: Requests for a refund follow the Normal Process. Shipping Assurance only helps you get a replacement faster.


Q: Do I have to contact you to start the process?

A: The process to get a Shipping Assurance replacement can be started online 24/7 using our Returns Portal, or during business hours with our Customer Service team via Chat or Phone.


Q: Do I have to return the damaged/incorrect item?

A: Shipping Assurance speeds up the process to get a replacement. It does not remove the requirement to return an incorrect or damaged item, or a lost item that ends up showing up later. Customers who fail to return an extra part to us after receiving their replacement under the Shipping Assurance program will be charged for the replacement.

Customers are also required to cooperate with any carrier investigations of a loss or damage. Failure to do so will result in being charged for the replacement.


Q: Are all orders eligible?

A: If Shipping Assurance is offered during the checkout then an order is eligible.

Customer delivery location, shipping method, certain items, or an abnormal claims history may make an order ineligible and in those situations it will not be offered as an option. Changes to your order after it is placed may make the order ineligible. If this occurs, the charge will be refunded.


Q: Is Shipping Assurance refundable?

A: Shipping Assurance isn't refundable after an order has shipped. If you'd like to remove it from an order that hasn't shipped yet please contact our Customer Service team.