1955-57 Nomad and Wagon Liftgate Gas Struts


The liftgate on a Nomad, wagon, and sedan delivery are all originally supported with mechanical arms. These support arms hold the liftgate open but do not assist in raising the liftgate. The opening of the /iftgate is assisted by a pair of torsion bars located under the roof of the car. These torsion bars loose their strength over the years and make raising the liftgate a bit of a chore. In addition, the stock supports get rusty, break or get lost along the way These brand new gas charged liftgate supports are engineered to bolt right in place of the old supports and raise the liftgate with or without the original torsion bars in place.

Parts List
1955-57 Wagon Gas Strut Liftgate Supports
1955-57 Nomad Gas Strut Liftgate Supports

Tools Needed:
Philips Screwdriver

Time Frame
1/2 hour

Image #1a, 1b, 1c: The stock mechanical arms are attached to the lift gate and body with Philips head machine screws. With the liftgate supported with a broomstick , remove the two screws on the liftgate and the three screws on the body: Now the mechanical arms can be removed.

Image #2a, 2b: The brackets for the gas charged supports are made of stainless steel and will attach to the liftgate and body using the original mounting holes and hardware.

Image #3a, 3b: The bracket on the liftgate installs with the pivot ball to the inside of the glass frame. The bracket on the body installs with the pivot ball to the bottom.

Image #4: On each end of the gas charged strut there is a socket that connects to the pivot balls on the brackets. Before the socket can be installed on the pivot ball, the plastic retaining clips must be removed.

Image #5a, 5b, 5c: With your hand (not a hammer!) push and snap the ends of the supports onto the pivotballs with the small piston rod end of the support attached to the bracket on the body Once the sockets are connected to the balls, use your hand to push the retaining clip back in place.

Image #6: Repeat the process for the other side and enjoy your trick new liftgate arms!