Installing new side moldings is a snap! Make your Impala look like new with this new molding kit set and compltee clip kit. Our kits include many parts that are no longerreproduced, so look no further than Chevy Classics for new, innovative ways of making your Impala stand out.

Parts List
1964 Chevy Impala 2-Door Side Molding Set Complete to replace worn or missing original
1964 Impala Rear Quarter Panel Cover Horseshoe Moldings
1964 Impala 2-Door Complete Side Molding Clip Set
1964 Impala Fender Molding Clip Set
1964 Impala Door Molding Clip Set
1964 Impala Quarter Molding Clip Set

Tools Needed:
Phillips Screwdriver
3/8" Wrench

Time Frame
2 Hours

Image #1: We're going co scare on the rear quarter panel. The uppe r quarter molding was held to the body with a

Image #2: We have located a push in plastic clip co use in place of the OE style clip. This will put the molding in its pro per location, and being a push in clip, it is not necessary to get behind the clip to bolt it in place. In some areas it is impossible to gee behind the clip. The clip twists into the molding and has a leg to keep tension on it, holding it in place.

Image #3: At the rear of the upper and lo wer quarter moldings, there is a steel coupler clip chat con nect s the rear C-molding to the upper and lower moldings. These clips just slide into the molding and are not reproduced. The old ones will need to be used. These clips have a stud on them and are held in place with a pal nut.

Image #4: The lower molding is also held in place with ten push-in clips. They are the same as the upper clips, but smaller, for the thinner molding. Align the clips with holes in the body and just push the molding into place.

Image #5: The rear C-molding is held to the body with the upper and lower couplers on the ends of the molding along with two steel push-in clips and one steel clip with a stud and nut.

Image #6: The C-molding will couple to the upper and lower moldings, push the C molding into place , then install the nuts on the studded clips.

Image #7: The upper and lower door moldings are both held on with one studded steel clip at the front, one plastic clip with a screw at the rear, and four push-in plastic d ips like on the quarter panel.

Image #8: At the rear, the Phillips screw passes through the door and screws into the plastic clip.

Image #9: At the front, the stud passes th rough the door and has a pal nut to hold it in place.

Image #10: The upper front fender molding is held to the fender with three push-in plastic clips and three steel clips with studs and nuts.

Image #11: The lower fender molding is held to the fender with three steel clips with studs and nuts. Installing new moldings on your 1964, even if the paint isn't new, really brightens it up. By using our molding and clip se ts, your '64 Impala will look better than new.

Oct. 2011