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Our 1957 Chevys leave a lot to be desired when it comes to monitoring engine function. Tshe temperature gauge does not show exact degrees and the oil and volts are Just "idiot" lights. Hanging aftermarket gauges under the dash for improved monitoring is Just not that clean and drilling holes in the dash for gauges is less than desriableand is usually Just plain ugly. Here is the answer for cleaning up gauge installation; a custom molded gauge pod that bolts in place of the speaker grille on top of the dash. The gauge pod allows the installation of three 2-1/16" gauges. You can buy the pod by itself or with three Auto Meter oil, water and volt gauges. The pod is made of molded ABS plastic and can be painted the color of your dash to blend right in.

Parts List
1957 Chevy Gauge Pod Custom for a custom look
1957 Gauge Pod Kit With Aluminum Face Gauges & Black Needles
1957 Gauge Pod Kit With Beige Face Gauges & Black Needles
1957 Gauge Pod Kit With White Face Gauges, Black Numbers & Orange Needles
1957 Gauge Pod Kit With Black Face Gauges, White Numbers & Orange Needles
1957 Gauge Pod Kit With White Face Gauges & Black Vintage Needles
1957 Gauge Pod Kit With Black Face Gauges & White Vintage Needles

Tools Needed:
Spanner Wrench
Phillips Screwdriver
Wire Cutters

Time Frame
3 Hours

Image #1: The original speaker grille is held to the dash with four studs and nuts. To access the four nuts, the radio must be removed. The front speaker can no longer be used if th e gauge pod is going to be inst alled.

Image #2: The custom gauge pod PIN 06-264 is made of precision molded ABS plastic and is designed to hold three 2-1/16" gauges. The pod arrives in primer and can be painted to match the color of the dash.

Image #3: We are installing kit PIN 06-265 which includes a voltmeter, temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge. The gauges in this kit are all elec tric and have aluminum faces with black need les. Kits with other gauge colors are available. Each gauge includes a mounting bracket and hardware, a light bulb and socket and a red and green boot to install over the light bulb for a different look if you wish.

Image #4: The gauges are held in place with round plastic retainers on the back side of the pod. There are two seperated washers and two thumb screws that hold the retainer to the back of the gauge

Image #5: A colored boot can be installed over the bulb for a different look; or just use the clear bulb. With all of the gauges mounted the light sockets can be installed.

Image #6: Each light socket has a black and white wire. The black wire is for ground and the white wire is for power. Tie all three black wires together and connect to a good body ground. Tie all three white wires together and connect them to the one of the gray wires in the dash harness.

Image #7: There are three male spade terminals on the back of the gauge. One connects to a body ground, one to an ignition on 12-volt power source and the other to the appropriate sender. Connect all of the ground terminals together and connect to a good body ground.

Image #8: Connect all of the 12-volt power terminals together and connect them to a good fused 12-volt ignition on source.

Image #9: Connect the remaining sender terminals on the gauges to the appropriate sender source. On the voltmeter, this terminal may be connected to the 12-vo lt ignition on source. On the temperature gauge, this terminal connects to the supplied temperature sender. This sender has 1/8" pipe thread with various adapters and should be installed in the intake manifold or cylinder head. The original green wire in the dash harness may be used o r a new wire can be run to the temperature sender. For the oil pressure gauge, this terminal connects to the supplied oil pressure sender. The original blue wire in the dash harness may be used or a new wire can be run to the oil sender.

Image #10: With all the wires connected to the gauges, senders and dash harness, a couple of wire ties should be used to keep the wires in place and neaten up the under dash area.

Image #11: There is a tab at the front of the pod that keys into the dash and hold the front of the pod in place. At the rear of the pod there are two holes. These holes will line up with the factory holes in the dash where the speaker grille was attached. The gauge pod is supplied with two new chrome screws and clips

The new gauges look fantastic in the pod and when the pod is painted dash color, it looks like it belongs! In addition to great looks, you will now be able to properly monitor your engine functions and not depend on the "idiot" lights.

Feb. 2008