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When do you need your dome/courtesy lights the most? At night after you've shut your doors and you are fumbling for the ignition switch and the radio knobs. But since the doors are shut.. .no dome light! To solve that problem and keep the dome light burning for a while (like your new Cadillac) you can upgrade and install the new Courtesy Light Delay Module PIN 22-202. With the delay module, the interior lights will remain illuminated after the doors are closed. The illumination time can be adjusted from 17 seconds up to 80 seconds. This delay kit can be used with the regular dome lights on the top and/or the dash courtesy lights.

Parts List
1955-56 Dash Courtesy Light Wiring Harness With Brackets
1957 Dash Courtesy Light Wiring Harness With Brackets
1955-72 Courtesy Light Delay Module Kit

Tools Needed:
Screw Driver

Time Frame
2 Hours

Image #1: Not sure how it happened, but our sedan delivery doesn't have a dome light. On classic convertibles the courtesy lights were installed under the dash at the left and right kick corners of the dash These were also available as an accessory on all other body styles to supplement the top dome light. On our car, this will be a great alternative for not having a dome light at all!

Image #2: The accessory dash courtesy light kit includes two light sockets and the wire that connects to the dash harness and the door jam switches. The orange wire connects to the orange wire in the dash harness and the white wires connect to the left and right door jam switches.

Image #3: The light sockets each come with a steel mounting bracket. The brackets mount in a factory hole at each lower dash corner.

Image #4-5: The Courtesy Light Delay Module PIN 57-172000-1 has three wires. Each wire is marked where it will be connected. The white wire is marked "CTSY GROUND". Connect this wire to the white wire in the dash harness

Image #6: The pink wire marked "12V-IGNITION" needs to be connected to an ignition-on 12-volt source. This connection turns the dome light off as soon as the key is switched to the on position. The black wire is marked "GROUND" and needs to be connected to a good body ground.

Image #7: To set the desired time on the delay timer, open the end of the timer. There you will see a set screw that can be turned with a small flat blade screw driver. Turn the set screw to the left for less illumination time and to the right for a longer time. The module can be set from a minimum 17seconds to a maximum of 80 seconds.

Image #8: The kit includes a Velcro strip to mount the timer up out of sight under the dash area.