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The 1955 to 1957 cars had either an electric or vacuum wiper motor, which is turned on and off with a cable that is connected to the dash wiper switch. A replacement wiper motor is available that bolts in place of the original electric or vacuum motor, but is much more reliable than the original motors. The replacement motor is controlled with an all-electric wiper switch that mounts to the dash in the stock location and uses the original wiper knob on 1955-56cars. Until now, the electric switch that came with the kit would not fit a 1957 dash and had to be mounted somewhere along the bottom flange of the dash. We have engineered a new switch component that allows the new switch to mount on '57 dashes in the stock location giving a cleaner, factory installed look.

Parts List
1955-1956 Chevy Electric Wiper Motor Replacement 2-Speed upgade over stock
1955-57 All Except Wagon Front/Rear Anti-Sway Bar Set With Urethane Bushings
1955-57 Windshield Wiper Escutcheon Nut Tool
1955-1957 Chevy Windshield Wiper Motor Screws to replace missing originals

Tools Needed:
Spanner Wrench
Phillips Screwdriver Small
Straight Screwdriver Wide

Time Frame
2 Hours

Image #1: The original wiper motor was bolted to the center drive with two 10-32 machine screws included in kit PIN 57-135482-1. The wiper motor has a rectangular hub that keys into a channel on the center drive to move the wiper cables under the dash.

Image #2: The PIN 57-134539-1 electric wiper motor bolts to the center drive using the supplied machine screws. A supplied wiring harness will connect from the new wiper motor to the new supplied wiper motor switch at the dash board. There are no wires that connect to the ballast resistor. The new wiper harness can be routed through the firewall using the ignition/starter harness grommet.

Image #3: On a 1955 or 1956 car, the wiper switch bolts directly to the dash and the stock wiper knob can be used.

Image #4: On 1957 cars there is an extension that is installed on the wiper switch allowing the switch to fit the contour of the dash.

Image #5: Remove the two jam nuts from the switch and install the shaft extension. The shaft extension is held to the shaft on the switch with two set screws. Make sure the two set screws are seated on the flat area of the shaft.

Image #6: The switch extension installs over shaft extension and screws onto the threads of the switch. The threads on the switch extension at the dash are the same as the original switch so the stock spanner nut can be used.

Image #7: The hole in the dash for the original wiper switch has a flat side. Using a rattail file, open the hole so that it is round.

Image #8: Using the spanner nut tool PIN 57-137029-1 , install the switch in the dash. The stock wiper knob can be used to complete the installation.

Image #9: There is a red wire on the wiper switch. This wire will need to be connected to a 12-volt fused, ignition-on power source.

Feb. 2008