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It's hardly an exaggeration to say that Henry Ford ushered in a new era of transportation when he began selling his Model T in 1908. This everyman's vehicle was affordable enough for the common man to buy and drive and rugged enough to navigate backwoods dirt roads as well as paved city streets.

Boasting sales of about 15 million during its 18 years of production, this remarkable vehicle relegated horses, wagons and human-powered conveyances to the dustbin of history. The fantastic flivver remains as popular with collectors and hot rodders today as it did with the everyday motorist of the early 20th century.

Whether you are working on an authentic exterior restoration for a collectible, a sheet metal repair for your club car or an upgrade to your hot rod body, you have come to the right place. Here at Mac's, we trace our roots to this amazing car. Our founder, Doug McIntosh, got his start in the business tinkering with a 1924 Model T Touring car he bought for $295.

Ample Inventory of Quality Parts

Our Model T body inventory covers all kinds of models, whether you are working on a Model T roadster body or something else. We've got you and your ride covered from front to back with a wide selection of front and rear bumpers. You can get parts fashioned out of all the materials that made Model Ts special, including headlight assemblies with brass buckets and brass rims.

We also have wood bed conversion kits for Roadsters to mimic how T owners back in the day removed the turtle deck and bolted on a bed to turn their cars into a type pickup truck. We also carry all the hardware you will need for your work, including nickel-plated finishing washers, wood screws and sheet-metal screws in a large assortment of sizes.