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Following World War II, American soldiers came home and started building careers, families and other aspects of their peacetime lives. A post-war boom ensued that included not only economic advances but the baby boom that gave us that highly influential generation known as the baby boomers.

From 1949 to 1959, the Ford Motor Company produced passenger cars that seemed as big and optimistic as the country itself. Cars like the Country Squire, the Crestliner and the Edsel Citation still dot the American landscape. But they have become rare collectibles rather than daily drivers.

Protecting Your Investment

If you are fortunate enough to own one or more of these late Ford-Mercury automobiles, Mac's Auto Parts can provide you all the weather stripping and supplies you need. These parts and supplies will keep rain, snow and the elements outside of your car. That will help keep it dry inside, avoiding mold, mildew and other problems that can make your classic car look bad, smell bad and lose value.

Whether you are looking for a weather-stripping kit for a complete solution for a particular model and year or need individual weather strips, seals or gaskets for a particular part of your car, you'll discover hundreds of choices here. We have weather stripping for windshields and windows, including front window events. In addition, you can locate gaskets here to protect tail lights and other exterior parts from rain and damage.

Hardware and Supplies

We also stock hard-to-find parts like weather-strip assembly hardware. These include door seal retainers and windshield post seal shims. You can also get all the supplies you need here to do a professional-quality job, like weather-strip adhesives and gasket removers.