With the radiator behind the core support in the VB position it is not possible to install electric fans in the "puller" position. There simply is not enough room between the radiator and engine to install electric fans. If you are going to depend on the electric fans to be the only source of cooling the radiator, the fans must be mounted on the back side of the radiator. So what do you do? Electric fans are much more efficient when installed on the back side of the radiator core and pulling the air through the core compared to mounting the fans mounted on the front side and pushing the air through the core. Electric fans can be mounted directly to the radiator core using simple zip ties, but air is only drawn through the core directly in front of the fans. The rest of the surface area of the core has zero air flow until the car is being driven at highway speeds. By encasing the fans in a shroud, air is drawn through the entire core thus making the fans much more efficient and offering far better cooling. With the radiator in the 6-cylinder position,there is plenty of room for the new CCI fan shroud and fans for down-flow radiators. If you currently have a VB radiator, it can easily be relocated to the 6-cylinder position using kit PIN 57-132134-1. The new fan shroud kit PIN 57-177509-1 includes two 10" electric fans which have 1400 CFM's per fan for a total of 2800 CFM! Also included is a dual relay wiring harness, a temperature sender and a custom formed aluminum shroud. Kits PIN 57-177510-1 and PIN 18-408 include the shroud and fan kit as well as a 1-1/8"tube performance aluminum radiator.

Parts List
1955-57 6-Cylinder Position Down-Flow Radiator Aluminum Fan Shroud With Dual Electric Fans
1955-56 6-Cylinder Position Down-Flow Aluminum Radiator With Dual Electric Fans
1955-57 6-Cylinder Position Aluminum Down-Flow Radiator Fan Shroud For Dual Electric Fans
1955-57 Radiator Relocation Kit

Tools Needed:
112" Wrench
9/16" Wrench
7/8" Wrench
Drill and 1/8" Drill Bit
Cutters and Crimpers
Pop Rivet Gun

Time Frame
4 Hours

Image #1: The fan shroud and fan kit P/N 18-407 includes a stamped aluminum shroud with an 80-grit sanded matte finish, two 10" electric fans, a dual relay wiring harness and wiring diagram, a temperature sender to turn the fans on and off and all mounting hardware. The fan shroud will only work on a down-flow radiator in the 6-cylinder position (in front of the core support).

Image #2a, 2b, 2c: The shroud kit will require assembly before installation. The two 10" fans are held to the fan shroud with button head 3/16" pop rivets to give the kit a custom look.

Image #3a, 3b: Each side of the fan shroud has three slots that match the three radiator mounting bolts on the core support. There are also two 1/8" holes that may be used to rivet the shroud to the radiator side rails to ease installation into the car.

Image #4a, 4b, 4c: Line the shroud side slots with the nut insert on the radiator and drill through the side rails on the radiator using a 1/8" drill bit. Do not drill into the radiator core. Using the supplied 1/8" pop-rivits, attach the shroud to the radiator. With the shroud attached to the radiator, it will be much easier to install the assembly in the car with less chance of scratching any paint.

Image #5a, 5b, 5c: The radiator and fan shroud assembly installs from the front (grille) side of the core support using the stock radiator mounting bolts.

Image #6a, 6b: With the radiator adjusted all the way to the rear of the core support, the fan shroud will protrude behind the core support about 1/4".This leaves plenty of room for most small block serpentine pulley systems, short or long water pump small blocks or a big block with a short water pump

Image #7: The fan wiring harness has seven wires. It can be wired so that the fans will come on via a toggle switch or with a temperature sender or when the air conditioning is turned on.

Image #8a, 8b: Each electric fan has a red and black wire. The red wire from each fan connects to the two blue wires in the new wiring harness.

Image #9: Connect the black wires from the electric fans together and using the supplied lug from the wiring harness, connect the black wire to a good body ground.

Image #10: The large red wire from the wiring harness needs to be connected to a constant fused 12-volt source.

Image #11a, 11b: The green wire in the harness can be connected to an on-off toggle switch that will allow the fans to be controlled manually or to the supplied temperature sender that will turn the fans on when the engine reaches opera ting temperature. If the supplied temperature sender is going to be used, install it in the intake manifold to get the proper water temperature reading. The temperature sender has two terminals; one terminal connects to the green wire in the harness and the other terminal should be wired to a good body ground.

Image #12: There is a black wire with a white chaser in the harness that should also be connected to a good body ground.

Image #13: If the car has air conditioning, connect the gray wire in the harness to the NC clutch wire. Now the fan will com on when the NC is turned on, which will keep the condenser cooler and make the NC more efficient. If the car has no NC, this wire is not used.

Image #14: The yellow wire in the harness should be connected to a good 12-volt ignition-on source either at the ignition switch or the fuse panel. Enjoy your cooler running engine and NC unit!