With so many late model engines being installed in the Tri-Five cars these days, many engines are being installed with side engine mounts. This can really be a plus as it cleans up the front of the engine and allows for more updated accessories like serpentine pulley systems and different alternator and A/C brackets. A very simple pump bracket PIN 53-219 has been developed for small block engines that will mount a Type II GM remote reservoir power steering pump. This bracket mounts the pump down low on the driver's side and will leave plenty of room for most any style alternator and AIC brackets. The remote pump and reservoir will give your power steering conversion a real custom look.

Parts List
1955-1957 Chevy Side Engine Mounts Small Block V8 to mount new style engine
Remote Power Steering Pump
Billet Aluminum Remote Reservoir
Remote Power Steering Pump Bracket Small Block
Chrome Crank pully Single Groove
1955-72 Small Block Chrome Double Groove Crankshaft Pulley
1955-72 Small Block Harmonic Balancer
1955-1957 Chevy Stainless Steel Power Steering Hose Kit For 605 670 Power Steering Box
1955-1957 Chevy Power Steering Hose Kit Stainless Steel Braided CCIRack & Pinion Power Steering Boxes With O-Ring Fittings replacement
Polished Billet Power Steering Pump Pulley
Remote Reservoir Steel Braided Hose Kit
1955-64 Power Steering Belt With Remote Pump
1955-72 Small Block Harmonic Balancer Pulley Bolts

Tools Needed:
9/16" Wrench
5/8" Wrench
3/4" Wrench Screw Driver

Time Frame
4 Hours

Image #1: The side engine mounts P/N 57-131968-1 for small block engines mount to the side of the engine using the stock (1958u-p engines) side engine mount bosses and bolt to the stock front engine cross member.

Image #2: A remote-type power steering pump is smaller than a standard pump which gives more clearance at the front of the engine for other accessories. This will help when installing various alternator and NC brackets and will also give the engine compartment a more custom look. Classic Chevy's P/N 53-219 remote power steering pump bracket bolts to the front of the engine using the two 3/8" holes on the driver's side of the engine next to the timing cover.

Image #3: The GM Type II power steering pump P/N 53-208 is held to the pump bracket with two 8-millimeter bolts and flat washers. A 3/8" steel spacer fits between the pump bracket and steering pump.

Image #4: The two 8-millimeter bolts screw into the back of the pump . The bracket is slotted to allow for adjustment. Leave these bolts loose at this time.

Image #5: When installing power steering you must have three crankshaft pulley grooves. The first groove closest to the timing cover is for the water pump and alternator. The second groove is for the water pump and air conditioning. The third groove is for the power steering pump. To achieve three grooves on the crankshaft a single groove pulley P;N 53-34C will need to be added to the double groove pulley P;N 211-21. For painted pulleys use P/N 33-138170-1 & 57-140871-1.

Image #6: The pulleys bolt to the harmonic balancer with three 3/8" fine thread bolts, P/N 57-135464-1. If the original lower pulley is riveted to the harmonic balancer, a replacement balancer P/N 57-132125-1 will need to be installed.

Image #7: The power steering pump pulley P;N 53-209 is a polished billet aluminum pulley which presses onto the shaft of the pump. The pump includes a threaded tool to install the pulley. Using a 3/4" wrench to hold the center bolt, use a 7/8" wrench and tighten the nut on the installer.Tighten the nut until the groove on the power steering pulley lines up with the third groove on the crankshaft. Once the pulley is in place remove the tool from the power steering pump.

Image #8: The power steering belt P/N 57-169899-1 will fit around the power steering pump pulley and the third groove on the crankshaft. With the belt installed, pull the power steering pump outward to apply tension on the belt. Tighten the two 8- millimeter bolts on the back of the pump bracket.

Image #9: A great place to mount a remote reservoir on a Tri-Fivecar is the driver's side radiator filler panel. Remote reservoir P/N 53-313 is polished billet aluminum and has a mounting bracket that is held to the reservoir with two set screws. The mounting bracket bolts the filler panel with two stainless steel Allen head bolts.

Image #10: A stainless steel hose kit is available for the remote power steering pump. Use P/N 57-171298-1 for the 605/670 box or P/N 57-171297-1 for the rack and pinion. An additional hose kit P/N 53-312 will be needed to connect the remote reservoir to the pump . The pressure hose connects to the power steering pump with a banjo bolt. The other end of the pressure hose connects to the larger port on the power steering box or rack and pinion.

Image #11: The remote reservoir has a large and small fitting on the bottom of the tank. The smaller fitting is for the return hose from the steering box or rack and pinion unit. The larger fitting is the feed hose for the power steering pump.

Image #12: The reservoir hose kit P/N 53-312 includes the large feed hose. Connect the feed hose to the reservoir and place the other end of the hose next to the large nipple on the remote power steering pump. Mark and cut the feed hose. Install the chrome cover on the end of the hose and connect it to the remote power steering pump.

Image #13: The return hose connects to the smaller pore on the remote reservoir and to the smaller port on the power steering box or rack and pinion unit. The return hose will need to be cue to length.

Image #14: With a remote power steering pump and reservoir installed, it really gives the engine a clean and custom look! Using a couple of zip-ties we have pulled the hoses together and out of the way of any moving parts and hot exhaust parts.