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1965 Sting Ray: The First Big-Block Corvette

The 1965 Sting Ray marked the third year of “C2” production. All models were manufactured at GM’s St. Louis Assembly. 1965 was the first year a big-block engine would find its way between the fenderwells of a Corvette, in the form of a Mark IV 396 generating 425 horsepower. Styling changes included removing the hood depressions that were common to the 1963 and ’64 models. The horizontal grille bars were now black with the outer grille trim remaining bright – this made the ’65’s grille one of a kind. Also, the front fender “gills” now sported three functional, vertical slots.

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Customer Ride: Uncle Tony’s 1956 Chevy

I bought my 1956 Chevy 15 years ago in Tennessee from the original owner. I've been a "Tri-5" guy and car nut my entire life. My father owned a service station when I was young. There, I would spend much of my time after school. I used to play a game of trying to know what kind of car was coming into the station. After a while I could identify just about every car. Now my boys, my grandson, and my favorite nephew have a great knowledge of ID'ing cars from a distance. My father was a Chevy guy too.

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Customer Ride: 1966 Fairlane 500 2-door sedan

This is my 1966 Fairlane 500. It’s a 2 door sedan with a 289 V8 with AOD transmission and a Ford 9 inch rear with 3.50 gears. The body is very clean but has a total novice restoration. I found the car while turning around in a very long driveway! An older guy comes out to see what I'm doing and conversation begins about an old Ford in garage. He tells me it was a project for him and his wife, but health issues left the car sitting for 6 years. So I ask about it and the rest is history! The car has stayed in Ohio its entire life. I am the 3rd owner as far as I can tell.

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The Chevrolets of the GM Motorama

The GM Motorama was an elaborate auto show held eight times between 1949 and 1961. Those held consecutively from 1953 to 1956 are the ones best remembered because those shows featured dream cars typically built of fiberglass– such as the 1953 Buick Wildcat, 1954 Nomad, etc. These cars tested the public’s reaction to new ideas as well as familiarized them with advanced styling. The traveling exhibition was held in major cities across the United States and it highlighted the many automobiles and other goods produced by GM. Of course Chevrolet was always a major part of these shows.

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Long Gone: 1965 Mustang 427 SOHC A/FX

“It was 1965 in New York, and it was the worst winter storm that we had ever seen”, remembers Bob Hamilton. They took their Ford Flatbed down to Larson Ford, to pickup up their Poppy Red 1965 K code Mustang Fastback. They loaded up the car off the showroom floor, and barreled through the blistering winter storm to Holman Moody to have the car prepped for A/FX (Factory Experimental Class) Super Stock drag racing.

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Pure Stock Drags 2015

Where do you go if you want to see muscle cars of all years, models, and engine sizes get it on in heads-up dragstrip action? The Pure Stock Drags, of course.

The event is open to all brands of muscle car, 1955-1974, but if you lean towards the Bowtie brand, you’ve got a lot to cheer about. Chevrolet was very well represented, with a little bit of everything, and a lot of some things. Chevrolet had the fastest small-block, the fastest big-block, compact Chevy IIs (did you know the Corvette’s 350-hp L79 327 was an option?), a 427 Impala, and plenty of classic Chevelles and Camaros in high-powered, tire-spinning, full-throttle action.

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1957 Ranchero Double Feature

We’ll kick off this 1957 Ranchero Double Feature with, well, a ’57 Ranchero. First up is this beautiful example owned by Don Nordboe of Council Bluffs, IA.

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This 1958 Biscayne wows ’em downunder

This 1958 Biscayne wows ’em downunder. My interest in American cars goes way back to my childhood days. Back then, my mother would buy me Matchbox and Dinky toy cars when I harped at her while we were out shopping. We would buy a mix of English and American cars, but it was the American cars I was drawn to because they were longer and lower and usually featured two-tone paintwork.

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El Caminos at the Shows

Who says you don’t see many El Caminos at the car shows? We have proof-positive that’s just not so. Our favorite truck-car may not get quite the love the Chevelles get, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to looking pretty on the show field. And, they go fast. And, when properly equipped, can tow a Chevelle if necessary. So there!

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