There is nothing prettier than a 1957-64 Chevy with a set of full hub caps and spinners. Unfortunately, if you have decided to upgrade to disc brakes, the stock wheels will not clear the disc brake calipers. A 1967-up Camara 14" disc brake wheel will work with the 11" disc brake conversion, but it does not have the four small nubs on the wheel to retain the stock hub cap. We are finally able to offer a wheel to solve this problem! PIN 57-168478-1 is a direct replacement tor the stock 1957-64 wheel, but will clear the large 11" disc brake calipers and rotors for front and rear disc brakes. If your car only has front discs, you can order just two wheels.

Parts List
1955-1957 Chevy 14" x 6" Steel Wheel Replacement For Disc Or Drum Brakes to replace bent originals

Image #1: There are four small nubs on the outer rim of 1957-64 14" original wheels that hold the full size wheel cover in place.

Image #2: The inside of the original wheel is formed very tightly around the brake drum. This design does not give any room for the disc brake caliper when using disc brakes.

Image #3: The back-spacing of a stock 1957-64 non-wagon wheel is 3-3/4". You must keep this in mind when choosing a wheel. If a wheel with less back-spacing is used, the wheel and tire will move outboard and possibly cause tire to fender clearance problems.

Image #4: Our new PIN 57-168478-1 wheel has the same back-spacing as a stock wheel and is designed specifically to clear the disc brake calipers.

Image #5: There is plenty of clearance for the 11" caliper and rotor with this new 14" wheel.

Image #6: The new wheel has the four nubs to hold our 1957 Bel Air wheel cover in place.

No longer is the switch to 15" wheels a "must" when using disc brakes. With your stock 14" wheel covers, folks will have to look real close to tell your Chevy isn't completely stock!