In the late 90's, Classic Chevy introduced the new tubular radiator core support requiring the use of custom filler panels. These panels are offered in highly polished stainless steel and are available with either a stamped Bowtie or louvers. Ever since the release of the custom filler panels for the tubular core support the question has been: "When can I get custom panels tor my stock core support?" They are finally here; both the Bowtie and louvered stainless steel filler panels are now available for the stock radiator core supports for all three years. These new panels are an easy bolt-in replacement for the stock panels and give the engine compartment a super, custom look.

Parts List
1955 Bowtie Polished Stainless Steel Radiator Filler Panels For Stock Core Support
1957 S/S Bowtie Filler Panels
1955-56 S/S Louvered Filler Panel
1957 S/S Louvered Filler Panel
1955-57 Radiator Filler Panel Harware

Tools Needed:
7/16" Wrench
1/2" Wrench
5/32" Allen Wrench
3/16" Allen Wrench

Time Frame
1 Hour

Image #1: The radiator filler panels fit to the left and right sides of the radiator and are the same for V8 and 6-cylinder core supports. This area is highly visible and is the first thing you see when the hood is opened.

Image #2: The filler panels bolt to the front of the radiator core support, to the inner fenders from the wheel well side and to the splash pan from the engine side

Image #3: The stock filler panels were painted semi-gloss black like the radiator core support and had three horizontal ribs stamped into them. Depending on the year of the car, there are holes cut in the panels for wires to pass through and to mount the horn relay and voltage regulator.

Image #4: With the original filler panels removed there are huge openings on each side of the radiator. These openings must be blocked off so that air is forced through the radiator to properly cool the engine.

Image #5: The panels are bolted to the radiator core support with several self-tapping sheet metal screws and several 5/16" course thread bolts. The upper holes in the core support for the self-tapping screws need to be drilled out to 5/16" if you are going to use the polished 5/16" stainless steel button head bolts and lock nuts that come in kit PIN 34-263.

Image #6: There are no holes cut in the stainless steel filler panels for wires or accessories to keep a super clean, custom look. The wires will need to be rerouted and the voltage regulator and horn relay will need to be relocated. Or, holes can be drilled in the panels if necessary.

Image #7: The filler panel hardware kit includes 1/4" and 5/16" button head Allen bolts , washers and lock nuts.

Image #8: To install the filler panels, bolt the panel to the core support using the 5/16" bolts, washers and lock nuts leaving the bolts loose for now. On 1955 cars, there is one new 5/16" hole that must be drilled in the core support for the custom filler panels

Image #9: Next, bolt the filler panel to the inner fender using the 1/4" bolts, washers and lock nuts leaving them loose also. There is a clip on the splash pan that will need to be removed so that the 1/4" Allen head bolt, flat washer and nut can be used.

Image #10: With the filler panels in place, tighten the bolts from the inner fenders to the filler panels, then the one bolt from the filler panel to the splash pan and last the bolts to the core support. By tightening the bolts in this sequence the front end sheet metal alignment will not change. These panels will give a terrific custom look to the engine compartment on your Tri-Fivecar!