Designed as a forceful response to Chevrolet's sporty Corvette, the Ford Thunderbird first rolled out for the model year of 1954. Marketed as a personal luxury car, this nameplate enjoyed lasting success. Although the design often changed, sometimes radically, Ford continued to make T-Birds into 2005.

In all, 11 generations of the T-Bird took flight, including ones with names like Littlebird, Squarebird and Bigbird (not to be confused with the Sesame Street TV show character). Here at Mac's Auto Parts, we have been specializing in products for classic cars since founder Doug McIntosh, a restoration hobbyist himself, launched the business with his wife in their garage in Lockport, N.Y., in 1978. As antique car specialists, we can supply you Ford Thunderbird suspension and chassis parts for T-Bird model years running from 1955 through 1979.

More Comfort, Better Handling

Besides delivering a smoother ride for you and your passengers, the right suspensions and parts will boost the handling of your car. This is especially important with sporty cars like the T-Bird, which practically beg drivers to put the pedal to the metal to carve those curves and barrel down straightaways.

Shockingly Big Inventory of Shocks and Suspension Parts

When you shop online here, you'll discover more than a thousand suspension products for your bird. These include stabilizers, anti-sway bars and other T-Bird suspension parts to give you a smoother, safer ride.

Our Thunderbird rear suspension parts include quality rear shocks for a better ride too. We also carry all the suspension hardware you'll need for repairs or performance upgrades, from bushings to brackets.

You will also discover plenty of T-Bird chassis components and parts here. These include body-to-frame insulator kits and leaf spring anti-squeak pads for a quieter as well as a smoother ride. In addition, we carry chassis paint in spray cans or quart cans to deter rust and keep your T-Bird looking good.