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1971 Mustang Mach 1

In school, a couple of buddies and I caught the car bug and realized we were becoming “Car Guys”. Not sure how we got this sickness. We all grew up on farms and had to help fix whatever was broken (or we messed up). Maybe it was all the car magazines we read. We all wanted something old, cool and fast for our first cars! Plus, they would be easier to fix than the modern 1980’s cars.

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1974 Camaro z/28 Type LT

I have owned my 1974 Z/28 Type LT since 1989 or 1990, depending on what part of it you are talking about. I have only owned one other car longer. My attraction to it started in high school when a friend bought a beautiful, low-mileage ’73 Z/28 with a 4-speed.  He took me for a ride and I was impressed at how docile it was to drive normally, but it was an animal when he got on it. That stuck with me, so when in 1989 a co-worker announced he was selling his ’74 Z/28 4-speed, I was interested. Beautiful it was not, but I bought it for about what the engine and transmission were worth. It was originally from New Jersey, then was brought to Florida to live on the beach. As you can imagine, this meant there was rust everywhere

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Summer Memories

It’s that time of year again – summer! These are the times we look so forward to all winter long - warm summer days that blend seamlessly into the night, giving us plenty of time for those classic car get-togethers.

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Street or strip, this ’57 Bel Air rules ’em both

In 1957 I traded a ’54 Ford Crestliner and $1200 for this ’57 Bel Air 2-door hardtop. Black with a black/silver interior along with a 270 horse, 2x4 barrel set up, 3-speed tranny and a 3.55 single track rear end. This was in February of ’57, and the only drag strip open that time of the year was Yello Belly Drag Strip in Grand Prairie, Texas. The car ran 16 seconds flat at 90 mph crossing the finish line in second gear. This was our family car until 1960, then we purchased a 1959 station wagon.

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1966 Sting Ray 427

The 1966 Sting Ray’s styling was very similar to the ’65’s, but there were some subtle changes. The Corvette “script” emblem was an elongated, more vertical style and was affixed to the hood and rear deck. The grille was now a plated, square mesh, cast unit. The roof B-pillar vents that had been both functional and non-functional in previous mid-year Corvettes (1964-1965) were now deleted. Another cool thing about the ’66? This was the intro year for the legendary 427!

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1969 Camaro Pace Car: Greetings from Denmark

This rare big-block 1969 Camaro Pace Car is one Dane’s dream realized.

When people say “pace car”, the 1969 Camaro comes into your mind. At least it does for me, I think it is epitome of Indy Pace Cars.

The dream of owning one started back in 1988 when I travelled the U.S. for 13 months with two friends. They were “car guys” just like myself, and we got to see 39 states and a lot of cars.

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1967 El Camino: Dream Becomes Reality

Since high school, I had longed for two things. A 1957 Chevy convertible was number one and number two was an El Camino. The ’57 Chevy came first, and the search for an El Camino came later. I started with a ’71 then sold it and bought a ’77, then ’80 SS. My desire still had not been fulfilled, much to my disappointment. The sun did shine on me however the day I stood looking at this ’67. My heart skipped a few beats when it dawned on me that this car had a lot of potential. After much discussion with my wife regarding my vision for purchasing this El Camino and doing a restoration, the car became a reality. That was in April of 2006.

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Future Collectible: 1994-1996 Caprice

When most car people talk about the 1994-1996 full-size Chevy era, most talk centers around the Impala SS model. Having owned both a ’95 and ’96 Impala SS brand new, I can tell you first hand it was the only big Chevy we had on our minds back then. The Caprice models were all but ignored. Over time, that has changed – the Caprices are very much appreciated by the Chevy B Body enthusiasts.

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Mom’s Chevelle

In 1968 I bought a ’68 Chevelle SS396 as a family car. My Dad liked the 112” wheelbase for ease of parking. He had never owned a new car before and said he would like to buy one in the spring. Unfortunately he passed away in January, 1971. He was going to buy a new Chevelle.

Mom decided to go through with the purchase in April of ’71. She said “I want a blue car with a vinyl top.” At that time, I worked at a Chevy dealer and pulled two blue Chevelles out of stock for her to decide on. She picked the one with the cloth interior. The car was billed out to me as an employee, for a $100 over cost discount.

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