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1958-1960 Ford Edsel Parts

Shop at MAC's Auto Parts when you need Ford Edsel parts for restorations, performance upgrades and custom street rods. There truly had never been a car like the Edsel before its release in 1957. While its production was ultimately short-lived, the Edsel still has a cult following among DIYers and custom shops. Those who have a soft spot for the unique "E-car" can find thousands of Edsel parts ready to ship from our Florida warehouse. They're either manufactured in-house following OEM Ford restoration specs or built by a leading aftermarket automotive brand.

Parts for Every Edsel

Many Edsel models were produced in the nameplate's three-year lifespan. We have parts to fit all of them. Use the "Add My Vehicle" tool to shop for a 1959 Ford Edsel Ranger, 1958 Edsel Corsair, 1960 Ford Edsel Villager Station Wagon and every other model. If you want to build an Edsel Frankenstein creation, or are planning to turn your Edsel into a race car (don't laugh - we've seen it happen), shop by category or brand name. The MAC's Auto Parts tech team can answer your questions and help you mix and match without turning the vehicle into a lawn ornament.

Restoration & Performance Edsel Parts

From simple bolt-on repairs to large-scale restoration projects, Edsel owners can get what they're looking for at MAC's. We sell engine parts, suspension rebuild kits, disc brake conversion systems, wiring harnesses, replacement window glass and a lot more. These parts were once nearly impossible to find in good condition - but now, we'll deliver brand-new Edsel parts right to your doorstep. Our Edsel how-to books are a great resource for new and experienced DIYer. You'll make back their cost many times over while keeping your Edsel ahead if its time. Most orders ship with 24 hours!