Let's face it, the old cable wiper system in a classic sometimes just won't do the job. The cables on the transmissions stretch or break, the center drive gets sloppy and you may even find yourself in a summer downpour without wipers! The updated Raingear wiper systems from Pacific Western Design have been available for quite a few years and are a vast improvement over the old vacuum or electric motors and flimsy cable systems. Brand new electronics and a rod & arm, not cable type, system replaces the old contraption. These kits are even available with a modern delay switch for intermittent wipers while driving in misty rain.

Now Pacific Western has improved and simplified their kits even more with improved clearance of under dash components.

Parts List
1955-1956 Chevy Raingear Wiper Kit With 2-Speed Switch upgrade over stock original
1955-1956 Chevy Raingear Wiper Kit With 2-Speed Delay Switch for improved wipers
1957 Raingear Wiper Kit With Standard 2-Speed Switch
1957 Chevy Raingear Wiper Kit With 2-Speed Delay Switch upgrade over stock
Beveled Polished Clock Adapter
1955-57 Windshield Wiper Escutcheon Nut Tool
1955-57 Polished Stainless Steel Windshield Wiper Arms & Blades

Tools Needed:
1/2" Socket
Wire Crimper
3/4" Socket
Wiper Escutcheon Tool

Time Frame
3 Hours

Image #1: The factory wiper system used cables to drive the wiper transmission. These cables become stretched and out of adjustment. The new updated wiper system from Pacific Western Design uses linkage to drive the wiper transmission. These will never go out of adjustment. The linkage is sent in two pieces. The left and right linkage is held together with two #8 machine screws, lock washers and nuts.

Image #2: There is hole in each end of the new transmission linkage. A two piece bushing is installed here.

Image #3: There is a tab on the wiper motor that will need to be bent for the 1955 cars. Using two pair of vise grips or channel locks bend the tab up 30-degrees.

Image #4: The new wiper motor mounts to the left of the brake pedal assembly The shaft on the wiper for the driver side wiper arm feeds through the cowl. The bent tab bolts to an existing hole in the firewall with a supplied 5/16" X 3/4" bolt and lock washer.

Image #5: There is a long aluminum spacer and a brass nut that fits on the outside of the cowl. This holds the driver side transmission tight to the firewall. Make sure to use sealer under the aluminum spacers to seal the holes in the firewall.

Image #6: Feed the wiper transmission linkage through the speaker bezel opening on the passenger side.

Image #7: The linkage is held to the wiper motor with a flat washer and clip.

Image #8: The updated wiper system includes a new wiper switch. The switch will bolt in place of the original. The stock bezel and knob may be used.

Image #9: There are six wires on the wiper switch and five wires from the jack that plugs into the wiper motor, follow the wiring diagram.

Image #10: The wiper kit includes a plate to cover the original hole in the firewall. The plate can painted a black or to match the firewall.

Image #11: The updated wiper kit still uses the stock wiper escutcheons. An escutcheon tool is included in the wiper kit.

With the new wiper system the wipers will be nice and quiet, never need adjusting and will work everytime!

Original post date: May 2006