The trunk area in your custom car can be as boring or as exciting as you want it to be. Very often, car owners like to make it an extension of the interior and upholster it in leather, vinyl, cloth or carpet. It's amazing how much better the trunk area will look just by coving up the rough edges and smoothing things out a bit. Measuring and cutting a set of custom trunk panels yourself can be quite frustrating and time consuming. We've done the hard part tor you by providing a set of pre-cut heavy-duty Masonite panels ready to cover and install in your 1955-57 or 4-door sedan or hardtop. These panels can be padded and covered with interior material or carpet and only take a few minutes to install. The panel behind the rear seat can easily be removed so that the area between the back seat and panel can be used tor ample storage. You may even wish to modify the panel by cutting a door for access it you have your battery in the trunk. The possibilities are endless!

Parts List
1955-57 Non-Wagon Upholstery Panel Kit

Tools Needed:
Phillips Screw Driver

Time Frame
3/4 Hour (not incuding upholstering)

Image #1: The trunk area on all sedans and hardtops is the same where the new panels are installed, so installation procedures are identical.

Image #2: The rear mounting pocket for the bumper jack and the tab for the spare tire hold down bolt will need to be removed to allow the trunk floor panel to lay flat.

Image #3: The trunk floor panel has a cut-out on the driver's side to mate to the bump in the trunk floor for the fuel filler tube. The panel is also cut out for the trunk lid striker plate and bracket. This panel will simply lay flat on the floor of the trunk.

Image #4: The left and right trunk wall panels are trapped between the inner lip of the upper trunk wall and the trunk floor

Image #5: Remove the small cover over the drivers side trunk hinge in order to install the forward trunk panel. The forward trunk panel is trapped between the inner lip of the trunk/rear window panel and the trunk floor panel. This will leave a 16" opening between the back seat and the forward trunk panel making it a perfect place to hide a CD player, the battery or a tool box and cleaning supplies.

Image #6: After installing the panels and checking for proper fit, remove them and upholster/cover them however you wish.