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Use of an aftermarkteor tilt column along with an updated power steering system requires you to eliminate the stock (ugly) lower steering column clamp. There are several ways to mount the column; one is inexpensive while the other is more attractive and gives your under hood area a real custom look. This article will show you how to install either type of lower column mounting system.

Parts List
1955-57 Stainless Steel Lower Steering Columnn Mount With Manual Transmission
1955-57 Polished Stainless Steel Lower Steering Column Mount With Automatic Transmission
1955-57 Replacement Steering Column Firewall Bracket & Clamp
1955-56 Manual Transmission Shift Floor Seal
1955-56 Automatic Transmission Floor Seal
1957 Manual Transmission Shift Floor Seal
1957 Automatic Transmission Floor Seal
1955-57 Firewall Insulation Pad Fastener Set
1956-57 Firewall Pad Fastener Installation Tool
1955 Firewall Pad Fastener

Tools Needed:
5/32" Allen Wrench
1/2" Wrench
7/16" Socket and Ratchet
Firewall Pad Fastener Tool

Time Frame
1 Hour

Image #1: When installing an aftermark et steering column in a To-Five, the column mounts flush with the firewall. This is to allow for clearance on the engine compartment side for all types of steering boxes and rack and pinion conversions.

Image #2: Classic Chevy has a simple bracket and clamp PIN 57-140799-1 that mounts on the inside of the firewall and uses a 2" band clamp that holds the lower steering column in place. This cleans up the firewall and gives room for any type of steering conversion and will work with the stock lower column foam seal and rubber pad.

Image #3: A new custom polished stainless stee l mounting bracket has been developed to do the same job as the PIN 57-140799-1 mountin g bracke t, but eliminates the use of the stock foam seal and will give a clean and custom look to the firewall.

Image #4: The stainless mounting bracket PIN 57-164270-1 is for a car with a manual transmission and includes the hole for the clutch pedal pushrod. We are installing the bracket PIN 57-164268-1 for an automatic transmission which will cover the hole in the firewall for the clutch push rod. The new bracket bolts to the outside of the firewall using the two original nuts spot welded to the toe board. The new bracket includes two polished stainless steel button head bolts and washers to attach the bracket to the firewall. The mounting holes are slotted for adjustability.

Image #5: The firewall side of the bracket is highly polished and when installed gives the firewall a real custom look.

Image #6: The 2" band clamp wraps around the bottom of the steering column and secures the tab on the stainless steel bracket tight to the steering column. The original inner rubber floor seal PIN 57-130860-1 covers the new bracket on the inside. On 1956-57 cars, plastic fasteners PIN 57-135506-1 secures the floor seal to the firewall. The 1955 cars use fasteners PIN 57-135375-1. The original lower center fastener for the rubber pad will no longer be used.