On a 1955-1970 Chevy, the standard mirror or day-night mirror is mounted to a bracket that is screwed to the top or windshield header of the car. The 1971-72 cars used a windshield mount bracket no longer attached to the body. To install an attermarket custom mirror on your '55- '57, you were once stuck with gluing a tab to the windshield and then hanging the mirror off the tab. When installing the mirror on the windshield, you had to make a cover to fill the gap between the two upper windshield garnish moldings where the stock mirror bracket was removed. We now have the solution to mounting an aftermarket mirror to the stock mirror bracket in your '55-'57;a simple pivot adapter that screws into the stock mirror bracket and allows a custom mirror to be installed. With the new adapter a Billet Specialties polished billet mirror, the new cast Surfboard mirror or any other aftermarket mirror can be installed. For 1958-72 cars, the aftermarket mirror must be attached to the windshield.

Parts List
1949-57 Polished Aluminum Aftermarket Rear View Mirror Adapter
1955-72 Surboard Style Rear View Mirror
1955-72 Surboard Style Rear View Mirror
1955-72 Billet Mirror (Ball Milled)
1955-72 Billet Mirror (Ball milled w/Bow tie)
1955-72 Billet Mirror (Flamed)
1955-57 Inside Rear View Mirror Support Bracket

Tools Needed:
1/2" Wrench

Time Frame
1 Hour

Image #1: The stock chrome mirror bracket (PIN 02-54 for 1955-57 non-convertibles) mounts to the top of the car between the two inner windshield garnish moldings and is held in place with three #6 sheet metal screws.

Image #2: The mounting stud on the stock mirror screws into the mounting bracket and has a jam nut to lock it into place. Using a 1/2" wrench loosen the jam nut and unscrew the stock mirror.

Image #3: The mirror adapter for '55-'57 PIN 57-168477-1 is sold separately. It can be used on the Surfboard mirror, the Billet Specialties billet mirrors as well as any aftermarket mirror. The new adapter is polished aluminum and has 5/16"-24 threads that screws into the stock mirror bracket. The other end has a smaller #10-32 thread that screws into the custom mirror.

Image #4: Cowabunga dude! The new surfboard mirror looks like a long board out of an old Elvis movie! This mirror is available unpainted, in various colors or as a wood-grain look. The mirror will screw directly to the new adapter.

Image #5: The billet mirrors are available in ball milled PIN 02- 251 , Chevy bowtie PIN 02-252 and the ball milled flamed mirror PIN 06-253. These mirrors are all highly polished aluminum and will install with the PIN 57-168424-1 adapter. An aftermarket rear view mirror is a great, easy way to give your interior that custom touch!