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Model A Ford Engine Parts

Take a leisurely Sunday drive or go all-out on the quarter-mile with Model A engine components from MAC's Auto Parts. The Model A remains one of Ford's most-loved cars and is extremely popular for DIY projects. With these parts and accessories, owners can restore the four-cylinder engine like new or go for a custom build. Most parts are manufactured following our exact specifications to meet or exceed official Ford standards. There are also high-performance parts from Edelbrock, United Pacific, Seymour and other industry leaders.

Model A Engine Rebuilds

Whatever you want to do under the hood, we'll help you do it. If you're building a modified vehicle for the race track or local car club, quickly add a few horsepower - or a few hundred, to be exact - with a drop-and-go Model A crate engine. Although the car will still look like a Model, putting in a 347, 408 or 427 stroker engine gives it the soul of a muscle car.

Those who prefer the satisfaction of putting together their own powerplant can do so using the best selection of Model A engine parts. We sell cylinder heads, gasket sets, camshafts, oil pumps, valve covers, engine paint and everything else needed to build an engine from the ground up. Even if you're doing an authentic restoration, you'll still have more power and reliability than the original vehicle. That's because these OEM-fit parts are made using modern materials and manufacturing methods.

Restore the Roar at MAC's Auto Parts

Our experts are here to answer any questions you have about rebuilding the engine in a Model A Standard Roadster, Special Coupe, Tudor Sedan, Leatherback Fordor or Closed Cab Pickup. Use the "Add My Vehicle" tool to find factory-fit parts in seconds. Most of them are in stock and ship with 24 hours of receiving your order.