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C4 Corvette Body Mod Kits

Make a 1984-1996 Corvette look like nothing else on the road thanks to a C4 Corvette body kit from Eckler's Corvette. The fourth-gen Corvette had a total exterior makeover from previous models that became even sleeker as the years went on. While the factory style is popular among many, a little custom modding can make it truly turn heads. Get a C4 body kit and hardware with a price match guarantee to enjoy even more of a great thing.

1984-1996 Corvette Body Modification

There are many ways to revamp the body on your project car. A C4 Corvette wide body kit is more than just a visual transformation. It also alters the airflow and allows for wider wheels and tires, which improves the handling at high speeds. Wide molding C4 bumpers are the simplest, most affordable way to achieve these effects. Other C4 Corvette body components that alter the look and performance include spoilers, wings, side skirts, fender ducts, ground effects and rear window louvers. If your convertible top has gotten a little ragged, replace it with an OEM-fit model. We also have a wide assortment of emblems, badges and exterior trim.

Corvette C4 Body Care

Maintain the factory sheet metal of your new mods with our C4 Corvette body protection products. A lingerie nose mask or a set of mirror covers will prevent paint scratches, dirt build-up and other things that lead to costly fixes. What if damage does occur? Get C4 body repair kits, such as body panel adhesive, rust treatments, touch-up paints and rubberized undercoatings to restore the luster.

To find a C4 Chevy Corvette body kit that matches your ride, use the "Add My Vehicle" tool or search filters. The Eckler's Corvette tech team is also available by phone Monday-Friday to help with installation. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every order.