An electric radiator fan can be the difference between an engine that overheats or not. In addition, electric fans are a great addition to air conditioned cars to keep the unit at maximum cooling. An electric fan may be wired several ways. It can be wired so that as soon as the engine starts the fan will come on. The fan can also be wired through a temperature sender that will turn the fan on and off when the engine reaches a predetermined temperature. Either method works fine, but there is no adjusting the on/off temperature settings. Dakota Digital has just developed a new electric fan controller that is fully adjustable so the on/off settings can be set at any temperature you desire. The air conditioning system may also be wired through the controller so that as soon as the air conditioning is turned on the fan will come on as well.

Parts List
1955-72 Electric Radiator Cooling Fan Controller With Temperature Sender
1955-72 14" Reversible Electric Cooling Fan
1955-72 14" Chrome Reversible Electric Cooling Fan
1955-72 16" Reversible Electric Cooling Fan
1955-72 16" Chrome Reversible Electric Cooling Fan

Tools Needed:
1/2" Wrench

Time Frame
2 Hours

Image #1: The electric fan controller PIN 57-172021-1 is contained in a small aluminum box that measures 1-3/4"X 3" making it easy to tuck it up under the dash. The controller is fully programmable using two dip switches on the control box that can be custom tuned co turn the electric fan on and off at any temperature.

Image #2: The control box kit includes a five wire relay. The relayconnects to the control box, ignition switch and cooling fan. The fan or fans and NC system (if used) are also wired through the control box. By having the fan come on when the NC is activated , the NC condenser will stay cooler and the system will be more efficient and keep you cooler.

Image #3: The control box has seven total wire connections. New wires need to be run to the ignition switch, to ground, the NC clutch, a good full time 12-volt source, the new temperature sender for the control box and the white wire from the control box relay.

Image #4: A new temperature sender is supplied with the control box. The sender must be installed into a water port on the engine and not the radiator in order to get a proper reading. The sender comes with adapters to fit any pipe thread.

Image #5: The 2 switches on the control box are used for setting the "turn on" temperature and the "turn off" temperature. The controller can also be set for the amount of time the electric fan or fans will remain on after the engine is turned off Once the control box is wired, mount the box under the dash where it is easily accessible. Set the controller switches to your own specifications and you will be ready to go.