Our 605 or 670 power steering boxes and kits bolt directly to the stock '55-'57 frame using the original three steering box holes and utilizes the stock non-power steering pitman arm, idler arm and all steering linkage. The only modification necessary to install the 605 or 670 box is to the steering column mast jacket. The 605 and 670 is longer than the stock box so unless an aftermarket steering column is used, the stock mast jacket must be shortened. This modification can be completed using PIN 53-400. Refer to August 2005 Classic Chevy magazine for the complete how-to. When installing the 605 or 670, a shaft must be used to connect the steering wheel to the new box. The shaft for the original box is part of the box and had to be cut from the box to be used with the 605 or 670. Thus the original box became junk and either welding or drilling was needed to complete the installation. The Borgeson Universal Company has developed a special shaft just for CCI to be used with the modified mast jacket. This shaft is splined on the top to connect to a stock or aftermarket steering wheel and at the bottom to connect to a coupler for the power steering box. No cutting, welding or drilling is needed to complete the instalation. This makes the conversion much easier and keep you from ruining an expensive stock steering box.

Parts List
1955-57 605, 670 & Delphi Power Steering Box Steering Shaft With Shortened Stock Column
1955-57 Power Steering Flex Coupler
1955-57 Steering Column Conversion Kit For Column Shift 605 Or 670 Power Steering Box
Service Mast Jacket
1955-57 Replacement Steering Column Firewall Bracket & Clamp

Tools Needed:
7/16" Wrench
5132" Allen Wrench

Time Frame
2 Hours

Image #1, 2: On the stock steering box, the shaft that connects to the steering wheel is part of the box. This shaft feeds up through the steering column mast jacket.

Image #3: The mast jacket must be shortened to accommodate the longer 605/670 box and new coupler. This kit may be used with automatic columns only:

Image #4: Borgeson has developed a shaft, P/N 57-170971-1 to work with the modified mast jacket. This will eliminate cutting up a good steering box and requires no welding or drilling. If you plan on changing to a tilt column later, you already have the correct coupler to complete that install as well.

Image #5: When the new shaft P/N 57-170971-1 is installed in the mast jacket, 1" will protrude out the bottom of the column for the coupler and the proper amount of shaft will be protruding out the top of the mast jacket for the steering wheel.

Image #6: When the modified mast jacket is installed in the car the bottom should be flush with the firewall. This leaves plenty of room for the coupler and the offset shift lever.

Image #7: With the mast jacket flush with the firewall, the s tock lower mast jacket clamp that mounts on the engine side of the firewall will no longer work. P/N 57-140799-1 clamp mounts to the inside of the firewall and uses same mounting holes as the stock clamp. This cleans up the firewall and leaves plenty of room for the coupler and shift lever.

Image #8, 9: The Flex coupler P/N 57-140797-1 is 3/4"-36 spline on the top to connect to the new steering shaft and 3/4"-30 spline on the bottom that connects to the steering box . Set screws hold the coupler in place. Adjust the depth of the shaft and coupler as needed to give a proper steering wheel to turn signal housing gap

Image #10: By using the flex coupler, there will be no vibration transferred from the steering box to the steering wheel giving a nice smooth road feel!

Image #11: The updated wiper kit still uses the stock wiper escutcheons. An escutcheon tool is included in the wiper kit.

With the new wiper system the wipers will be nice and quiet, never need adjusting and will work everytime!

Original post date: May 2006