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Atomic EFI 2, Fuel Injection Conversion, Master Kit With Inline Fuel Pump

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Converts Your Carburetor To Speed Density Fuel Inj... View More
Availability: Ships Direct From Manufacturer
  • Converts Your Carburetor To Speed Density Fuel Injection In One Day
  • Retains Your Air Cleaner, Distributor, Linkage, & Requires No Hood Modifications
  • Cannot Be Used On Factory Computer Controlled Vehicles
  • Compatible With Up To 15% Ethanol Blend Fuels & E85 Fuels 
  • Eliminates Drivability, Cold Start, Sputtering, Coughing, & Stalling Issues
  • Vastly Improves Drivability, Efficiency, & Performance
  • Self Tunes With No Laptop Or Internet Connection Required
  • Complete System Includes Everything You Need
  • Supports Return And Returnless Fuel Pump Systems
  • Made In The USA
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Your classic vehicle is likely to be equipped with a carburetor. With millions on the road, carburetors "can" work great. If you drive your carbureted vehicle, you're familiar with the issues that come with it. Drivability is not great in cold weather or when driving in high elevations. They can cough, sputter, and even stall which, can be dangerous. And, they are prone to carboning up which leads to even more problems. Often, a re-tune can solve your problem for a little while but good luck finding someone who "knows" how to tune your carburetor right!  And, the tune can even change over time requiring another re-tune. 

The all-new MSD Atomic EFI master kit was designed to solve all of the problems. In a matter of hours, you can have modern fuel injection technology and solve your carburetor drivability and reliability issues once and for all. The system works with all 4150 style 4-barrel square bore intake manifolds. You'll be able to retain your throttle linkage and kick down linkage (if automatic equipped), air cleaner system, and your mechanical or electronic distributor.  Installation takes approximately 1-day with basic hand tools. Once installed, the initial tuning setup takes only 5 minutes...just answer six simple questions and you'll be up and running! It's compatible with today's ethanol fuel blends. You can even electronically control your timing curve (see TIMING CONTROL REQUIREMENTS below)/

MSD's Atomic EFI system includes everything you need including a cast aluminum 1000 cfm EFI throttle body with exclusive annular booster rings for perfect fuel atomization, 1.75" throttle inlets with roller bearings for smooth pedal transition, integrated leak proof fuel rails, an integrated ECU with sensors (self calibrating TPS, 2-Bar MAP, IAT, WB02, & Fuel Pressure), fuel based rev limiter, high quality pre-terminated wiring harness with only 8 connections, 4 precision 80lb./hour injectors with stainless ball & seat metering, power module (with wideband oxygen sensor), a hand held tuner with removable 4GB (gigabyte) micro SD card so you can record and store valuable engine data, a high volume inline fuel pump system with 15 ft. of 3/8" rubber fuel line and fuel filter, and detailed illustrated step-by-step instructions. 

The MSD Atomic EFI system supports engines up to 525 horsepower (at the crank) and works on engines from 100 cubic inches to 800 cubic inches.  The MSD Atomic EFI system works with blow through and draw through forced induction (turbo or superchargers) producing up to 14 psi (blow through or draw through).  And, it works with Wet nitrous oxide systems.  The MSD Atomic EFI includes boost / nitrous timing retard which will retard the timing when under boost or your nitrous is active (this feature works when the MSD Atomic EFI is setup to control the timing). 

The MSD Atomic EFI will transform your vehicle with night and day better drivability, crisp instant throttle response, significantly improved efficiency, and of course, more power. Trust Eckler's for all your restoration, accessory, and performance parts needs.


C.A.R.B. 50-STATE LEGAL:  The Atomic Throttle Body EFI system, PN 2900, has been granted Executive Order number D-722 from the California Air Resources Board. This E.O. number permits the installation of the Atomic TBI system on 1987 and older GM passenger cars and trucks with a V8 gasoline powered engine originally equipped with a carburetor. Other vehicles and manufacturers are pending approval. For emission compliant installation, all of the original control components must be retained including the catalytic converter, EST distributor, AIR pump, EGR, etc. An addendum outlining specific installation steps and settings for a CARB compliant installation are included separately with this kit. 

COMPATIBILITY:Not compatible with engines over 800 cubic inches, distributors that produce hall-effect 5V signal, engines producing over 525HP at the crank, DRY nitrous oxide systems, forced induction systems producing more than 14 psi.  Injectors sizes are fixed and cannot be changed.

TIMING CONTROL REQUIREMENTS:  MSD recommends that those who wish to use the Atomic’s timing control feature first get the engine to run without timing control. Splitting the timing control into a secondary process will add very little time to the total install, but could significantly help with trouble shooting, should it be needed.The following are a list of items that are required to use the timing features of the Atomic system:

  • An MSD Ignition control (such as a 6A or 6AL Ignition)
  • The distributor must be locked-out (instructions included with Atomic EFI)
  • An adjustable distributor rotor to achieve accurate rotor phasing.
  • The balancer must be degreed or use timing tape on your balancer.
  • A timing light.

EXHAUST AIR LEAKS:  The Atomic EFI is extremely sensitive to air leaks in the exhaust system. Any air leak between the engine and the WBO2 will cause the Atomic to have false readings, which can lead to poor engine performance, misfires, and an inability to properly auto-tune. Extended running of the Atomic EFI with an exhaust leak can result in detonation and severe engine damage. Improper installation of the oxygen sensor, and any damage that may result from such an installation, is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

WARNINGS: MSD’s included Push-Lock fittings are designed for use with the MSD fuel hose only. Do not use the MSD fuel hose with other fittings. Do not use MSD Push-Lock fittings with other fuel hose. Compatibility issues may cause fuel leaks.

Atomic EFI 2 Fuel Injection Conversion, Master Kit With Inline Fuel Pump

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Availability Ships Direct From Manufacturer

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