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Three years after the end of World War II, the Ford Motor Company began producing a new line of trucks. Including the F-1 half-ton, the F-2 three-quarter ton and the F-3 heavy-duty truck. These trucks marked the beginning of the F-Series line and presaged the company's dominance in American pickup trucks. As of 2021, the F Series had been the best-selling line of pickups in the U.S. for 44 years straight.

Full F-Series Inventory

Whether you own one of the original classics from 1948 or have a later-model Ford pickup, Mac's Auto Parts stocks all the late Ford truck weather stripping and supplies you will need to keep your truck's interior safe from rain and the elements. From a Ford window seal replacement to an F-150 tailgate seal, we can supply everything you need with safe, secure and easy online shopping.

After all, we were the first antique auto parts company to go fully interactive on the web. So we've had lots of time to perfect our website and your shopping experience.

One Part or an Entire Kit

When you shop here, you can find complete kits for a total solution to your Ford's interior leakage problems. If you trace the issue to one part, like a windshield, window or door, we also offer weather stripping for particular parts of Ford pickups.

We also carry seals and grommets to protect sensitive exterior electrical parts from moisture. These protective products include headlight grommets and taillight lens gaskets.

In addition to weather stripping, seals and parts, you can find all the supplies you need here for professional-level installation. These include weather-strip adhesives and gasket removers.

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