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The older your car is, the more likely it is that Mother Nature will find some way into it. Rain, snow, ice and sun take their toll on the parts that try to keep the weather where it belongs - outside.

It may not be wise to fool Mother Nature. Still, you don't have to let the weather win.

Winning Over Weather

Thanks to the big selection of Ford Mustang weather stripping and weather protection at Mac's Auto Parts, you can command the weather rather than the other way around. You can keep your Mustang's interior clean, dry and smelling good with our products. We also carry items that can provide protection under and around your car.

We stock items for all six generations of Mustang, from its introduction in 1964 to models rolling out of Ford factories today. That means you can benefit from easy, one-stop shopping. As the first antique auto parts supplier to go fully interactive online way back in 1998, we have a website that's as easy to navigate as it is safe and secure to order from.

Keep It Dry

If the rain is finding its way into your car, a replacement Mustang window seal provides a smart way to fight back. We carry a variety of Mustang door seals and Mustang seals for windows that can keep the dampness at bay. You can find weather stripping for specific parts of specific model years.

If one part of your weather stripping is worn out, it's likely that other sections of weather stripping will soon join their ranks. We make it easy to replace everything at once with our weather-stripping kits. They are available for many Ford Mustang model years.

We also have all the supplies you need, like weather-strip adhesive and gasket remover. You can locate basic parts to protect your Mustang here too, like hood bumpers and light and lens gaskets.

While you're at it, check out our products designed to protect your Mustang's undercarriage and body. These include splash shields that are durable, sturdy and easy to install.