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If you are lucky enough to own a classic Ford T-Bird, you want your ride to drive smoothly. After all, this is the automobile Ford marketed as a personal luxury car in response to the unveiling of General Motors' sport Corvette several years earlier.

A properly operating tranny is the key to successful shifting. Here at Mac's Auto Parts, we carry all the Ford Thunderbird transmission and driveline components you will need to ensure smooth shifting and maximum power from your T-Bird's engine.

Restoration and Performance Parts

We stock products for Thunderbirds made from 1955 to 1979 for easy one-stop shopping. From basic but hard-to-find hardware and accessories to complete transmissions, we can help you complete your Thunderbird's restoration or boost its performance.

Our lineup of transmission and driveline hardware and accessories cover all the basics, such as clutch rod washers, rear axle bearing retainer gaskets, shifter button screws and more. We also carry shift linker repair kits and other shifters and parts to ensure the driver's commands will be faithfully executed by the transmission.

If you're looking to add even more power to your T-Bird, check out our performance transmissions. These are available to match a variety of Thunderbird model years and engines.

Clutches can wear out over time. If the clutch on your T-Bird is worn, no worries. You can find a variety of clutch parts here, including clutch discs, pressure plates and bearings.

Rear Ends Too

We also carry dozens of rear-end components to keep your car running right. These range from hardware and accessories from gaskets, bolts and bumpers to replacement parts, such as differentials.

If you don't see what you want or you have questions, we are just a toll-free phone call or email away. Our product experts and tech reps can provide solid answers.