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Since it galloped on to the American auto scene in 1964, the Ford Mustang has been at the head of the herd for many car aficionados. In fact, this nameplate has been so popular that the Ford Motor Company continues to produce its sixth generation of 'Stangs and the Mach-E to this day.

Sport, Speed and Style

This sporty car is noted for its speed and styling. But no matter how big your engine or how cool your car looks, you won't get very far if you have problems with your transmission or driveline.

Here at Mac's Auto Parts, we stock hundreds of Ford Mustang transmission and driveline parts to make sure the powerful force provided by Mustang engines gets transmitted to the wheels. Whether you're restoring a vintage Mustang from the '60s or looking to boost the performance of your Mustang, you'll find the best parts at the best prices when you shop here.

Performance Upgrades

We offer performance street transmissions to upgrade Mustangs with a variety of motors. If you like to race rather than run with the herd, we carry Mustang racing rear ends made in the U.S. You'll also find plenty of Mustang transmission parts here too, including hardware like shaft bearing retainer bolts, transmission housing gaskets and automatic transmission shift lever slides.

Getting in Gear

If you drive a manual Mustang, we carry plenty of clutches and clutch parts, from clutch fork anti-rattle springs to clutch pedal assemblies. You can also find lots of shifters and shifter parts here to help you keep shifting smoothly.