1955-57 Cowl Tag Identification

1955-57 Chevrolet cowl tags or trim plates were attached to the right hand side of the cowl panel. The plates represented a vehicle’s most basic body characteristics to Fisher Body, the coachworks contracted to build vehicles for Chevrolet Motor Division. Codes listed include Model Year, Model Identification Code, Assembly Plant, Interior Trim Code, Paint Color Code and Vehicle Option Codes. The cowl tag provides invaluable information to the car’s original paint color, interior color and material, and the location of the plant at which the vehicle was built.

A - Model Year Code

The first two digits of the style number represent the model year. For Tri-Five Chevy models, there will either be a “55”, “56” or “57” .

Code - Model Year
55 - 1955
56 - 1956
57 - 1957

B - Model Identification Code

The second set of digits in the style number code represents the style of the vehicle’s bodywork. Within this code, the first two numbers represent the Series Identification - “10” for 210 or Bel Air, “12” indicating 150 Series. The last two numbers represent the bodywork style of the vehicle. A detailed list can be found below. Note: Up to two letters can also be found after the four numbers. A “D” as the first letter represents a Bel Air Series model while an “F” in either location represents a station wagon model. Example: 1062DF can be identified as a Bel Air 4 door wagon

Code - Body Style
1211- 150 2 Door Sedan
1219- 150 4 Door Sedan
1263- 150 2 Door Wagon
1271- 150 2 Door Sedan Delivery
1011- 210 & Bel Air 2 Door Sedan
1011A- 210 Del Ray Club Coupe
1037- 210 & Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop
1019- 210 & Bel Air 4 Door Sedan
1039- 210 & Bel Air 4 Door Hardtop
1062- 210 & Bel Air 4 Door Wagon
1063- 210 2 Door Wagon
1064- Bel Air Nomad 2 Door Wagon
1067- Bel Air 2 Door Convertible

C - Assembly Plant Code

The assembly plant code is a combination of two codes, a letter representing the assembly plant location and a sequence number. The list below details the letter code. The numbers after the assembly plant code provide a sequence number indicating the specific assembly plant’s sequence or rotation number and should not be confused with the V.I.N. sequence.

Code- Assembly Plant
F- Flint, Michigan
T- Tarrytown, New York
S- St. Louis, Missouri
K- Kansas City, Missouri
O- Oakland, California
A- Atlanta, Georgia
N- Norwood, OH
B- Baltimore, Maryland
L- Lansing, Michigan
J- Janesville, Wisconsin
VN- Van Nuys, California
CL- Cleveland, Ohio

D - Interior Code

This three digit number represents the interior color and materials for a given vehicle. Codes and patterns are different for each year, but color combinations may cross over. See next page for a detailed list of interior trim codes for each year.

E - Paint Color Code

The paint color code represented in three numbers the exterior paint colors and their locations on the vehicle. Two-tone paint schemes were available from 1955-57 and because of this, separate codes were offered for each color combination. From 1956-57, a letter would sometimes follow the three digit code. An “A” would represent a single paint color and a “B”, “C”, “D” or “E” represented a two-tone paint scheme. Please see the chart on the next page for a detailed list of exterior color codes by model year.

F - Vehicle Option

If a particular vehicle was to be built with optional equipment, the codes for these extras would be stamped below the exterior paint color code. However, even vehicles with options sometimes did not have a stamping on the cowl tag. Minor options were not indicated on the cowl tag. Major options, such as a partial list below, were included.

Code- Vehicle Options
AC- Air Conditioning
CP- Padded Dash
WS- Power Windows and Seats
EZI- Tinted Glass

Interior trim codes indicate the color and material combination for a given vehicle. This list offers a reference for owners who wish to restore their interior trim to original specifications.

1955 - Interior Trim Codes

Code- Interior Color- Trim- Model
500- Gray- C- 1200
501- Straw/Brown- C- 127
502- Straw/Brown- V- 1263F
503- Blue- C- 1011-19-37
504- Green- C- 1011-19-37
505- Tan/Brown- C- 1011-19-37
506- Blue/Beige- V- 1011A
507- Green/Beige- V- 1011A
508- Black/Ivory- V- 1011A
509- Blue- C/V- 1011D-19D
510- Green- C/V- 1011D-19D
511- Brown/Beige- C/V- 1011D-19D
513- Turquoise/Ivory- C/V- 1011D-19D
514- Blue/Beige- V- 1062F-63F
515- Green- V- 1062F-63F
516- Brown/Beige- V- 1062F-63F
517- Beige- C/V- 1062F
518- Beige/Blue- C/V- 1062F
519- Beige/Blue- C/V- 1037D
520- Beige/Green- C/V- 1037D
521- Beige/Red- C/V- 1037D
522- Beige/Turquoise- C/V- 1037D
524- Green- V- 1263F
525- Red/Beige- V- 1067D
526- Green- V- 1200
527- Blue- V- 1067D
528- Brown/Beige- V- 1067D
530 - Gray/Coral- C/V- 1011D-19D
532- Gray/Coral- C/V- 1037D
533- Gray/Coral- V- 1067D
537- Turquoise/Ivory- V- 1067D
547- Gray/Black- V- 1211
549- Gray/Ivory- C/V- 1011D-19D
550- Gray/Ivory- C/V- 1037D
551- Gray/Ivory- V- 1067D

1956 - Interior Trim Codes

Code- Interior Color- Trim- Model
560- Gold- C/V- 1200
562- Green/Gold- V- 1263F
564- Charcoal- V- 1011-19-37-39 
565- Green- C- 1011-19-37-39
566- Blue- C- 1011-19-37-39
567- Black/Ivory- C- 1011A
568- Green/Ivory- V- 1011A
569- Turquoise/Ivory- V- 1011A
570- Green- V- 1062F-C-63F
572- Turquoise- V- 1062F-C-63F
573- Charcoal/Ivory- C/V- 1011D-19D
574- Green- C/V- 1011D-19D
575- Blue- C/V- 1011D-19D
577- Turquoise- C/V- 1011D-19D
578- Charcoal/Yellow- C/V- 1011D-19D
579- Charcoal/Ivory- C/V- 1011D-39D
580- Green- C/V- 1011D-39D
581- Blue- C/V- 1037D-39D
584- Turquoise- C/V- 1037D
585- Charcoal/Yellow- C/V- 1062F-63F
587- Turquoise- C/V- 1062DF
588- Charcoal/Yellow- C/V- 1062DF
590- Green- C/V- 1064
591- Blue- C/V- 1064
593- Red- C/V- 1064
594- Turquoise- C/V- 1064
595- Charcoal/Yellow- V- 1064
602- Charcoal/Ivory- V- 1067D
603- Turquoise/Ivory- V- 1067D
604- Charcoal/Yellow- V- 1067D
605- Red/Ivory- V- 1067D
606- Green- V- 1067D
607- Blue- V- 1067D
609- Charcoal- V- 1062F-C-63F
610- Charcoal/Ivory- C/V- 1062DF
611- Charcoal/Ivory- C/V- 1064
615- Gray/Gold- V- 1271
616- Gray/Gold- V- 1263F
617- Copper/Tan- C/V- 1011D-19D
618- Tan/Copper- C/V- 1037D-39D
619- Tan/Copper- C/V- 1062DF
620- Tan/Copper- C/V- 1064
621- Copper/Tan- V- 1067
626- Charcoal/Cream- C/V- 1011D-19D
627- Char./Yellow/Cream- C/V- 1037D-39D
628- Red/Taupe/Red- C/V- 1039D
629- Red/Taupe/Red- C/V- 1062DF
630- Char./Yellow/Cream- C/V- 1062DF
631- Charcoal/Cream- V- 1067
632- Char./Yellow/Cream- C/V- 1064
633- Red/Taupe/Red- C/V- 1064

1957 - Interior Trim Codes

Code- Interior Color- Trim- Model
650- Black/Gray- C/V- 1211-11B-19
651- Black/Gray- V- 1271
652- Black/Gray- V- 1263F
653- Green/Gray- V- 1263F
654- Charcoal/Ivory- V- 1011-19-37-39
655- Green- C/V- 1011-19-37-39
656- Blue- C/V- 1011-19-37-39
657- Charcoal/Ivory- V- 1011A
658- Green- V- 1011A
659- Beige/Copper- V- 1011A
660- Charcoal/Ivory- V- 1062F-FC-63F
661- Green- V- 1062F-FC-63F
662- Copper/Beige- V- 1062F-FC-63F
663- Black/Silver- C/V- 1011D-19D
664- Black/Green- C/V- 1011D-19D
665- Black/Blue- C/V- 1011D-19D
666- Black/Turquoise- C/V- 1011D-19D
667- Blk/Copper/Beige- C/V- 1011D-19D
668- Black/Yellow- C/V- 1011D-19D
669- Black/Red- C/V- 1011D-19D
670- Black/Silver- C/V- 1037D-39D
671- Black/Green- C/V- 1037D-39D
672- Black/Blue- C/V- 1037D-39D
673- Blk/Turquoise- C/V- 1037D-39D
674- Blk/Copper/Beige- C/V- 1037D-39D
675- Black/Yellow- C/V- 1037D-39D
676- Black/Red- C/V- 1037D-39D
677- Silver/Ivory- V- 1067D
678- Green- V- 1067D
679- Blue- V- 1067D
680- Turquoise/Ivory- V- 1067D
681- Copper/Beige- V- 1067D
682- Silver/Yellow- V- 1067D
683- Silver/Red- V- 1067D
684- Black/Silver- C/V- 1062DF
685- Green- C/V- 1062DF
686- Black/Blue- C/V- 1062DF
687- Blk/Turquoise- C/V- 1062DF
688- Blk/Copper/Beige- C/V- 1062DF
689- Black/Yellow- C/V- 1062DF
690- Black/Red- C/V- 1062DF
691- Black/Silver- C/V- 1064DF
692- Black/Green- C/V- 1064DF
693- Black/Blue- C/V- 1064DF
694- Black/Turquoise- C/V- 1064DF
695- Blk/Copper/Beige- C/V- 1064DF
696- Black/Yellow- C/V- 1064DF
697- Black/Red- C/V- 1064DF