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These mini-techs are being taken from GM's Chevrolet Service News. The Service News publication was provided by GM each month to its service departments. Each month this publication covered persistent problems that service departments might be facing, and provided information on how to fix the problem.

These Chevrolet Service News publications by no means covered all the problems a service department faced with the introduction of each new years models. Likewise our seven mini-techs will by no means answer all the problems.

Your best source for information on repairs and restoration are the Shop Manuals and Assembly Manuals for your year Chevy without these publications you will be working in the dark!


If a passenger car type outside rear view mirror is sheared from the door in a collision, the mirror forward attaching screw hole in the door panel would probably be enlarged so that it will no longer retain a self-tapping screw (as used for standard attachment of the mirror). If sheet metal damage of this type is encountered, the repair method described below has been found effective for installing all mirrors having a hollow base at the front mounting. (Refer to Diagram 5.)

    1. Peel flat the stretched metal of the door panel, encircling the mirror forward attaching hole. Enlarge this hole co 3/8" diameter and insert self-sealing Anchor Nut (PIN # 3761673), available through regular Chevrolet Parts channels
    2. Cut away the mirror base gasket to clear the anchor nut.
    3. Install mirror using a 10-24 x 3/8" screw. Depending on head size of the screw used , it may be necessary to reduce the head diameter by grinding, to provide head seating in the mirror base.

NOTE: If a mirror is found to be loose at the rear mounting, this may be due to broken stakes on the ramp plate in the mirror base. Theses takes, located as shown in Diagram 5, can usually be peened over to secure the ramp plate.