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The original small block 4-piece oil pan gaskets are notorious for leaking, and if it leaks it's no easy gasket to change! If you have to install or change the oil pan gasket you will want to do it only once and do it the right way A new one-piece oil pan gasket has been developed for the 1956 to 1974 small block VB engines that will make this difficult Job a breeze. The gasket is made of high temperature silicone and with one­ piece construction so there will be little chance of oil pan leakage.

Parts List
1955-72 Small Block Engine Oil Pan Gasket

Tools Needed:
3/8" Wrench and Ratchet
7/16" Socket
1/2" Socket

Time Frame
2 hours

Image #1: Original and replacement small block oil pan gaskets consist of a front and rear neoprene seal with a left and right side cork pan rail gasket. Leakage between the gasket ends and around the cork is quite common.

Image #2a, 2b: The front neoprene seal fits in a groove on the bottom of the timing cover, while the rear neoprene seal fits in a groove on the rear main cap.

Image #3a, 3b, 3c, 3d: The side pan rail gaskets have tabs at each end that will slip under the front and rear neo prene seals.

Image #4: At the joints where the pan rails meet the front and rear seals, most engine builders will put a small dab of gasket sealer to try and prevent leakage at the corners of the oil pan.

Image #5: With the old-style gaskets and seals in place, the oil pan can be bolted to the bottom of the engine block. This is easy to do with the engine upside down on an engine stand, but if the engine is in the car it can be a juggling act. This is where the trouble begins when using the old cork and neoprene 4-piece oil pan gasket. The sheet metal oil pan is never perfectly flat (particularly one that is 50 years old) and when bolting the pan to the bottom of the block you may experience tight spots where the oil pan gasket will push out. Mechanics sometimes glue the gasket to the block and leaks still may happen.

Image #6a, 6b: Here is the answer to this long-time problem; a one-piece oil pan gasket! The new one-piece oil pan gasket is preformed silicone with steel ring inserts at each bolt hole. The steel rings allow the oil pan bolt to crush the gasket perfectly for sealing, but not too tight to push the gasket out.

Image #7a, 7b: The one-piece oil pan gasket will just about fall into place. All of the oil pan bolt holes and the dipstick hole will line up perfectly Installation is a breeze even if the engine is in the car. When installing the silicone oil pan gasket, no gasket sealer is needed.

Image #8a, 8b: With the block and oil pan clean of any oil, bolt the oil pan to the block. Work your way around the oil pan several times until all bolts are tightened the same amount. The one-piece oil gasket makes a tough job easy and you can bet you won't have an oil leak.