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Changing the overall height and stance of a Classic give the car a whole new look. To lower the rear, lowering springs and loweringblocks are available. To lower the front, you can cut the original coil springs, install lowering coil springs or dropped spindles.Cutting the stock coil springs is not the way to go because cutting changes the spring ratingand gives a harsh, bouncy ride. Dropped spindle sare the way when updating the front end to disc brakes since all of the front steering and suspensoin ride height geometry remains unchanged.Our 2" dropped spindle kit PIN 21-103 uses the large GM single-piston disc brake calipers and 11" vented rotors, unlike other kits that use much wheelsand tires. The dropped spindles can also be used in conjunction with our 2" dropped coil springs PIN 21-133 to really put the car in the weeds. These specially designed coil springs maintain the stock rating unlike cutting original springs yourself. Our dropped spindle kit is compatible with stock or tubular control arms.

Randy Irwin - Technical Writer

Part #: 57-157897-1
Part #: 57-132343-1
Part #: 57-133203-1
Parts List
2" Dropped Spindle Kit
Brake Rotor For 2" Dropped Spindles
Dropped Spindle Disc Brake Kit at the Wheel
Dropped Spindle Power Disc Brake Kit Complete
Dropped Spindel Power Disc Brake Kit w/Chrome Complete
Kit at the wheel includes: Rotors, Loaded Calipers, Brake Hoses, Inner & Outer Bearnigs& Seals.

Complete kits include: Power Booster, Maset rCylinder, Engine Compartment Brake Lines, ProportioningValve & Valve Bracket, Rotors, Loaded Calipers, Brake Hoses, Inner & Outer Bearings& Seals.

Tools Needed:
Floor Jack
Jack Stands
Coil Spring Compressor
314" Wrench
718" Wrench
318" Allen Wrench

Time Frame
6 hours

Image #1: All Classic Chevy disc brake kits use large 11" GM rotors and the large GM calipers. Most other kits on the market use the smaller 10" S-10 pickup rotors and the small mid-sized car calipers. Any disc brake kit is better than an original drum brake system, but bigger is always better when you are talking about brakes. The S-10 rotors use a very small inner bearing as well which can be a weak point compared to the full-size car bearings used with our kits.

Image #2: The disc brake bracket for the stock spindle bolts to the top of the spindle using the original large wheel cylinder mount and to the lower rear hole where the steering arm mounts. The new dropped spindles come with their own caliper brackets so the brackets above will not be used.

Image #3: Once the spindle is stripped of all parts it can be removed. Before removing the spindle, a coil spring compressor must be used to take the load off of the control arms. First remove the shock absorber and feed the coil spring compressor up through the hole in the lower control arm and compress the spring so that there is no load on the control arms.

Image #4: Remove the upper and lower ball joint cotter pins and nuts and using a ball joint splitter, remove the spindle from the ball joints.

Image #5: There are two 7/16" studs pressed into the dropped spindle PIN 57-133203-1. These studs are to secure the steering arms that connect to the outer tie rod ends. The longer stud is oriented to the rear of the spindle.

Image #6: The boss on the steering arm is thicker at the rear thus the need for the longer stud. The arm will be held to the spindle with 7/16" lock nuts supplied with the dropped spindles.

Image #7: Install the new dropped spindles on the ball joint studs and secure with the ball joint nuts and new cotter pins. Install the coil springs and shocks. If you desire a 4" drop, this is the time to install 2" lowering coils PIN 21-133.

Image #8: The disc brake bracket supplied with the dropped spindle kit is designed for the large GM caliper and is bolted directly to the dropped spindle. A 1/2" x 1-¼" bolt secures the bracket to the top of the spindle using a supplied 3/8" spacer between the bracket and spindle. The bracket faces to the rear of the spindle.

Image #9: The lower ear on the caliper bracket attaches to the spindle using the 7/16" hole above the rear steering arm stud. A 7/16" x 1-½" bolt and lock nut secures the bracket to the inside face of the spindle.

Image #10: Special rotor PIN 20-126 (provided in the dropped spindle brake kits) must be used with the dropped spindle kit. This rotor positions the wheels 1/4" inboard from the stock drum location and has the correct offset for the large GM caliper. This rotor uses the larger inner and outer wheel bearings (also included in the brake kit) from an early GM "A" Body. Pack the wheel bearings with good quality grease. Install the bearings, inner seal, spindle nut and washer, cotter pin and dust cap.

Image #11: Install the caliper over the rotor with the bleeder facing up and bolt it into place. Attach the brake hose from the caliper to the hard line on the frame and bleed the brake system. With the dropped spindles installed, the front end will be down where you want it and your Chevy will have that Classic rake!