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In 1957 one of the more popular dealer installed options was a rear antenna. It a single manual rear antenna was installed, it was installed on the left or driver side. A second right side antenna (dummy) was often installed tor that fantastic dual-rear antenna look. The rear antennas really dress up the rear of the 57's as they had the same rearward angle as the tail tins, which exagerates that "finny" look even more!

Parts List
1957 Left Rear Radio Antenna
1957 Right Rear Radio Antenna
1957 Right Rear Accessory Antenna Bezel

Tools Needed:
1/8" Drill Bit
3/16" Drill Bit
7/8" Hole Saw
1-3/8" Hole Saw
Phillps Screw Driver
Electric Drill

Time Frame
3 Hours

Image #1: The rear antennas on a 1957 Chevy mount on top of the rear quarter panels to the left and right of the trunk lid.

Image #2: The antenna kits include a template that may be used to locate the left or right antenna. The template is marked on only one side of the paper. Using a punch , poke holes in the template where the holes will need to be drilled.

Image #3: There is a dotted rectangle printed on the template to the inside of the larger hole for the antenna mast. Cut this section of the paper away The notch will be used later to locate the second half of the template that will locate the hole on the inside of the trunk for the antenna mast.

Image #4: The template will be face down when installing the left or driver side antenna. The template fits the contour of the trunk lid opening. Use masking tape to hold the template in place. Using a sharp punch and hammer, gently dimple/mark just the paint or primer finish on the car. Hitting the punch too hard will create a dent in the top of the quarter panel.

Image #5: The second half of the template is used to locate the hole in the trunk wall where the mast of the antenna will pass through. Cut the end of the template leaving the marked tab to match up to the notch on the main template. Poke a hole in the template where it is marked for the hole in the inner trunk wall.

Image #6: There are lines on the template that will line up with the lip on the quarter panel for the trunk lid opening and the stamped lines on the inner trunk wall. We transferred these lines to the blank side of the template since we are installing the antenna on the left side.

Image #7: With the template taped in place , mark the inner trunk panel with a hammer and punch.

Image #8: Remove the templates and using a sharp 7/8" hole saw, drill the front hole on the top of the quarter panel for the antenna mast. Using a sharp 3/16" drill bit, drill the rear hole for the alignment pin on the antenna bezel. When drilling through any painted surfaces always have the drill at a low speed to keep the paint from bubbling.

Image #9: Using a sharp 1-3/8" hole saw, drill the hole in the inner trunk wall for the antenna mast.

Image #10: There is a clamp at the bottom of the mast that will stabilize the antenna when mounted.

Image #11: Feed the antenna mast up through the new hole in the inner trunk panel with the coaxial co nn ector facing forward. The grommet on the antenna mast will match up to the angle of the inner trunk panel. There is a rubber gasket that fits between the antenna bezel and the body to protect the painted surface. The guide pin in the bezel will line up with the new 3/16" hole.

Image #12: Install the antenna bezel nut and tighten the nut only as tight as you can get it with your hands.

Image #13: Using the bracket on the antenna as a guide, drill two 1/8" holes in the inner trunk panel. Using the two supplied #10 phillips head screws, attach the antenna mast co the inner trunk panel.

Image #14: The antenna coaxial screws onto the antenna masc with a female nut. Follow ing the diagram, route the coaxial forward co the radio.

Image #15: To dress the car up even more a right hand antenna can be installed. Using the same template ins tall the rear amenna on the right hand side of the car. You may choose to use the "Best" dummy antenna PIN 3 8 - 22 on the right side, or, you can save a few dollars and install the less expe nsive "Good" left antenna on the right simply by using the right side bezel PIN 38 - 26 with the left side antenna PIN 3 8-30 . If you decide to do this, simply discard the coaxial cable when installing on the right side. With two rear antennas your '57 will have a great classic look!

Jan. 2008