Hood hinges: not the prettiest thing in the engine compartment, but you have to have them! Hinges can be painted, powder coated, chromed or stainless units installed to make them more presentable. The hinges on a 1957 use a small pair of brackets that must be used to stabilize the hinge. The original brackets are Just plain ugly even if they are painte,dpowder coated or chromed. Eckler's Classic Chevy has designed a pair of polished billet aluminum brackets that replace the stock stamped steel bracket and bolts.

Parts List
1957 Polished Aluminum Hood Hinge Bracket Kit
1957 Polished Stainless Steel Hood Hinges

Tools Needed:
9/16" Wrench or Ratchet with 9/16" Socket

Time Frame
1/2 Hour

Image #1: The hood hinges on a 1957 Chevy have a pair of brackets that pinch the inner edge of the outer fender lip to stabilize side-to-side movement of the hinge. These brackets are bolted to the hood hinge with a 3/8" X 1" bolt on each side.

Image #2: The new bracket kit PIN 34-401 includes two polished aluminum billet brackets with ball milled lines and chrome plated mounting hardware. These brackets simply bolt in place of the stock brackets to really dress up the stock hinges.

Image #3: If you want to go that extra step, install the new polished stainless steel hood hinges PIN 54-31 . With the new billet brackets and the stainless steel hinges, your '57 will look super custom under the hood!

Jan. 2008