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In our never-ending campaign to take away the reason for saying "Let's not take the old car... " comes a luxury limited to brand new cars. Until now! I must admit one of the things I like the most about my newer Chevy truck are the lighted mirrors on each sunvisor ... .not to mentionmy occasional passenger in the right front liking them as well.

This article will show the installation of a new lighted vanity mirror on the passenger side visor. Installation is similar for the driver side as well.

Parts List
1955-57 Lighted Vanity Mirror Kit
Tropical Turquoise Spray Paint

Tools Needed:
Razor Knife
Phillips Screw Driver
Flat Blade Screw Driver
Wire Cuttersand Crimpers
1/2" Deep Socket

Time Frame
1 Hour

Image #1: The vanity mirror PIN 57-171672-1 is made of paintable plastic so you can easily match it to your interior color scheme or leave it off-white. When the flip-up door on the mirror is opened the two vanity lights will illuminate.

Image #2: There are two attaching pins on the back of the vanity mirror that will snap into two nylon bushings that will be installed onto the sunvisor. To make a mark for the location of the nylon bushings, put a small amount of grease on the two pins and place the vanity mirror centered on the sunvisor. The grease will leave marks where the bushings will need co be installed.

Image #3: Using a razor knife cut a 1-1/4" hole into the sunvisor material at both marks. Mark the sunvisor panel again using the vanity mirror and add grease where the bushings will be inscaled . A 7/8" hole must be marked and cut into the sunvisor Masonite inner panel for the nylon bushings. A 1/2" socket and a pencil works great to mark the panel.

Image #4: Here is where you need to be careful and take your time! A 7/8" hole needs to be cut in the sun visor panel only and not through the other side into the sun visor material. Using a SHARP razor knife cut a 7/8" hole in the panel. Cut slowly and remove the layers of the panel as you cut so you don't cut too deep anddamage the material on the other side.

Image #5: Two 5/16" holes need to be drilled halfway through the sunvisor panel for the vanity mirror door return springs and two notches must be cut half way through the panel for the vanity mirror lights. Using the grease trick, mark the sunvisor and cut the holes and notches.

Image #6: The vanity mirror can be disassembled for painting. The mirror glass frame is flexible plastic and can be removed from the mirror assembly.

Image #7: Using a small flat blade screwdrive r remove the two vanity light lenses.

Image #8: The lights for the vanity mirror snap into the back side of the mirror housing. Remove the lights and cover them with masking tape so that no paint gets on the light bulbs.

Image #9: We will paint the mirror housing with PIN 30-44 Tropical Turquoise paint to match our turquoise sunvisors. Any type/color of original or custom lacquer or enamel spray paint may be used. Before painting, clean the vanity mirror housing with mineral spirits so the paint will stick. Spray several light coats of paint until the mirror housing is completely covered.

Image #10: Once the paint has dried, install the vanity mirror lights, lenses and the mirror glass back into the glass frame .

Image #11: The vanity lights have a two-wire harness. Using a coat hanger, pull the wires through the sunvisor material to the open corner where the sunvisor bracket mounts.

Image #12: The nylon bushings have barbed legs that hold the bushing tight to the sunvisor panel. Snap the bushings into the new 7/8" holes in the sun visor panel.

Image #13: With the wires pulled through, snap the vanity mirror into place.

Image #14: The wire for the lights may be run behind the sunvisor bracket and fed down behind the inside windshield molding. One wire needs to be connected to a good body ground and the other wire must be connected to a good constant 12-volt source. The orange wire in the dash harness that powers the dome lights works great as a 12-voltsource.

Image #15: With the door flipped up, the vanity mirror light will illuminate allowing you or your companion to adjust your hair or face as required. The vanity mirror is so thin that when the sunvisor is up you will never know it's there. Just one more great addition to modernize a true American classic!