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Let's face it: stock hose clamps are ugly Corbin (spring ring), tower, or Gates style all look ugly in a nicely upgraded, customized engine compartment. There is a quick, simple and inexpensive method of getting rid of these unattractive clamps use Powergrip hose sleeves! The Powergrip sleeve is a super strong heat shrinktube that will clamp any hose firmly into place with no leaks. This simple way of clamping the hoses in place will give your engine compartment a super clean look and an edge-up on competition at the next car show!

Parts List
1955-75 5/8" Heater Hose Powergrip Shrink Clamp
1955-72 3/4" Heater Hose Powergrip Shrink Clamp
1955-72 1-1/2" Radiator Hose Powergrip Shrink Clam
1955-72 1-3/4" Radiator Hose Powergrip Shrink Clamp

Tools Needed:
Heat Gun or Blow Dryer

Time Frame
1/2 Hour

Image #1: A stock clamp or Gates-style hose clamp will do the job securing any hose, but when trying to clean up an engine compartment on a custom car it can take some of the smoothness away.

Image #2: The new Powergrip sle eves come installed on a cardboard ring to keep them in shape. Remove the cardboard from the radiator hose sleeves by hand by squeezing the rings. To collapse the heater hose rings, a pair of pliers will be needed. For each end of all small or big block Chevy upper radiator hose, the PIN 57-163520-1 1-1/2" clamps will be used. For the small or big block lower hose, a PIN 57-163520-1 1-1/2" clamp is needed at the radiator end and a PIN 57-163521-1 1-3/4" is used at the water pump end. Original 1955-56 cars use 5/8" heater hoses, 1957 cars use 3/4". Check the heater hose diameter on your particular year to be sure you order the correct clamps

Image #3: Once the cardboard ring has been removed, the sleeve may be installed on the end of the radiator or heater hose.

Image #4: Install the radiator hose onto the upper neck of the radiator making sure the sleeve is centered over the retaining ring flare on the radiator neck. Do not use lubricant on the hose or water neck.

Image #5: Using a blow dryer set on high heat or a heat gun set on medium, apply direct heat to the Powergrip sleeve. Hold the heat gun 4" to 5" from the sleeve. Do not use any kind of open flame torch to heat the sleeve. After heating, the sleeve will sh rink and squeeze the hose so tight it will not turn on the water neck.

Image #6: The sleeve for the heater hoses installs the same way as the radiator hoses.

Image #7: The green printin g on the outside of the Powergrip sleeves can be removed using mineral sprits.

Image #8: If a radiator or heater hose needs to be removed after installing the sleeves, simply use the hot tip of a soldering iron to cut the sleeve. This proceedure will not damage the hose. Enjoy your nice, clean leak-free engine compartment!