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Over the years we have seen some fairly trick and not-so-trick electric trunk releases and automatic lifts. When it comes to custom upgrades,our motto has always been "the simpler the better". Most of the releases we see are way too complex and require modifications of the trunk area sheet metal. Our tech department set out to create an inexpensive, uncomplicated and reliable design. We think that you will agree we have succeeded! Our complete kit will work on 1955-72 cars as well as any GM car with the flat shaft between the trunk lock cylinder and latch assembly. The only limitation is the amount of space between the inner trunk lid frame and the outer skin. At least 3" of space is needed to install and hide the solenoid.

Parts List
1955-57 Electric Trunk Release Kit
1955-57 Trunk Lock Shaft

Tools Needed:
1/4"Drill Bit
Electric Drill
Phillips Screw Driver
7/16" Wrench

Time Frame
4 Hours

Image #1: The trunk lock cylinder is held to the trunk lid with a spring steel C-clip. A flat shaft PIN 35-143 connects the lock cylinder to the trunk latch. This shaft keys into the lock cylinder with a small foot at one end and the trunk latch at the other. Your original shaft may be reused for this installation if you still have it. Remove the trunk lock retainer, lock and shaft assembly.

Image #2-3: To determine the proper length of the release pull cable, the system must be mocked up before final assembly. With the lock cyhnder shaft removed from the lock cylinder, feed the shaft up through the latch assembly and install the cable pulley on the back side of the latch. The hole in the pulley for the cable end needs to be in the 6-o'clock (downward) position.

Image #4-5: The pull solenoid mounts on the flat area of the trunk lid between the inner and outer skin. To determine the length of the pull cable, mount the solenoid outside of the inner trunk frame to mirror the actual final mounting location between the inner frame and outer skin so the pull shaft on the solenoid is facing directly at the nylon pulley.

Image #6: Mark the trunk lid and drill the two 1/4" mounting holes for the solenoid and bolt them to the inner trunk lid skin using the two 1/4" X 1" Phillips head screws with lock nuts provided.

Image #7: The pull cable keys into the hole in the nylon pulley and wraps around the groove in the pulley counterclockwise.

Image #8: Connect the cable to the pull shaft on the electric solenoid. Feed the cable through the cable clamp provided, the hole in the solenoid pull shaft and then back to the cable clamp. Using a pair of vise-grips, crush the cable clamp to secure the cable.

Image #9: The boot on the solenoid will keep the pull shaft from pulling out of the solenoid. The cable should not be too tight, yet tight enough so that it will stay in the groove on the pulley.

Image #10-11: With the cable length set, everything can be moved from the outside of the inner trunk frame and to its final mounting location between the inner and outer trunk skin. The solenoid will be totally hidden when installed. With the cable connected to the solenoid and the pulley, hold the pulley in place and feed the lock cylinder and shaft through the trunk lid, through the slot in the pulley and into the trunk latch assembly. Be sure the pulley is oriented so the cable hole is facing inward. Secure the lock cylinder to the trunk lid with the stock C-clip and lock the pulley to the cylinder shaft with the set screw. The cable can barely be seen through one of the holes in the inner trunk lid.

Image #12: There is a black wire and a white wire leading from the solenoid. The black wire is the ground wire and should be secured to the inner trunk lid metal. The white wire is connected to the supplied push button. The wire can be routed between the inner and outer trunk skin and fed out through one of the holes next to the trunk lid hinge and then routed up the left hand side of the car with the rest of the body wiring.

Image #13: The Kit includes a heavy­ duty push button that may be installed under the dash. One side of the switch connects to the white wire from the solenoid. The other side of the switch should be connected to a constant fused 12 volt source. With the electric trunk latch installation now complete, you can just push the button and the trunk will pop open like a late model Cadillac! If there is ever an electrical problem or dead battery, the key still operates the trunk lock just like stock.