What can you say about a dome light? When you open the doors or turn the headlight knob, it had better come on. With just about everything else on a classic Chevy customized and upgraded, why not the dome light? While the factory dome lights do work well, there's always room for improvement when illuminating that cavernous interior. CCI now manufactures an LED conversion that will replace the original dome light bulbs. Our lights include 1955-57 Nomad and all 1955-60 passenger cars (except '60 Impala hardtops). Best of all, installation is a snap. No wire cutting or splicing; just remove the original light bulb and install the plug from the new LED light into the stock socket. When the new LED light is illuminated, your interior will have a super bright white light and a great custom look!

Parts List
1955 Hardtop & 1955-57 Nomad LED Dome Lights
1955-60 Large LED Dome Light

Tools Needed:
Phillips Screw Driver

Time Frame
10 Minutes

Image #1: The 1955 Bel Air two-door hardtops and '55-'57 Nomads have two smaller dome lights located at the edges of the top. The other Tri-Fivecars and '58-'60 non-Impalas have a larger dome light in the center of the top.

Image #2a, 2b: When installing the LED dome lights, it may be time to replace the dome light housing, trim ring or lens. The trim ring on the '55 hardtop and '55-'57 Nomad dome light PIN 57-130646-1 is part of the dome light housing, which also includes the lens. The trim ring on the larger '55-'60 dome light PIN 57-130671-1 is not part of the dome light housing and can be replaced separately The housing is PIN 57-154087-1 while the lens is PIN 57-130784-1 or 57-130807-1. The housing, ring and Je ns is available as a unit as PIN 57-177091-1. Both types of dome lights have an orange and white wire that plug into the light socket with a male bullet connector.

Image #3a, 3b, 3c, 3d: Remove the stock light bulb by pushing in on the bulb and turning it counterclockwise. Push the plug from the pigtail on the new LED panel into the socket and turn clockwise, locking the plug in place. The new PIN 28-58 panel has nine LED lights per side while the PIN 28-59 has a total of eighteen on the single large panel. When these LEDs are illuminated behind the lens, the light pattern is like a star and gives off a brilliant white light. Super neat!