Can you see me now? The original door mirrors on a classic are not very big compared to the mirrors that areon the modern cars, but their shiny chrome sure does look good! Installing a larger late model door mirror on a classic just doesn't look right. Classic Chevy is now the first to have a reproduction door mirror with a wide angle mirror just like your late model car does. Installing this mirror will give you a wider rear view and greatly improve the safety for you, your passengers and others on the road. This mirror may be mounted on the left and/or right doors.

Parts List
1955-57 Left Or Right Best Quality Wide Angle Outside Rear View Mirror

Tools Needed:
Phillips Screw Driver
1/8" Drill Bit and Drill

Time Frame
1 Hour

Image #1: The correct outside rear view mirror location is at the top of the door right next to the vent window. Many cars have the mirrors mounted too far ahead, too far behind on the door or up on the front fenders. This can make them even harder to use!

Image #2a, 2b, diagram: wide-angle mirror includes a mounting gasket that also doubles as a template to properly locate the mirror on the door. The dotted line on the gasket must align with the rear edge of the outer stainless on the vent assembly: Tape the gasket to the door with the inner edge touching the belt line stainless and the dotted line lined up with the edge of the stainless.

Image #3: Using the rear hole in the gasket as a guide, drill one 1/8" hole in the door. Use a very sharp drill bit so the drill will not wander and scratch the paint on the door.

Image #4: The mirror kit includes one #8 button head sheet metal screw and one #6 countersunk sheet metal screw. Install the #8 button head screw into the door leaving the head of the screw protruding above the level of the gasket about 1/16".

Image #5a, 5b: On the bottom of the mirror there is a plate with a slot that will key onto the head of the #8 screw.

Image #6a, 6b: Next, place the mirror on the door with the head of the #8 screw protruding into the hole in the plate on the bottom of the mirror. Slide the mirror forward, locking the mirror base to the door. Using the mirror as a guide, drill a 1/8" hole into the door for the forward mirror screw. Install the #6 countersunk screw to anchor the mirror to the door.

Image #7: The locations we have given in this tech article are the exact locations that the mirror would have been installed at the dealer. We had a '57 in the shop where the customer had moved the mirror forward about 2". This made using the door mirror much easier. On a custom car, you can mount the mirrors where they work best for you.

Image #8a, 8b: Photo "1( is a shot of the shop wall about 15- feet behind our car with the stock flat glass mirror. Photo "B" is of the same wall with the new wide-angle mirror. You can see how much more area comes into your rear view with the new mirror. This will be a great safety improvement out on the road!