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When the CCI Rack & Pinion was first introduced in December, 1993 most cars still used the stock steering column "mast jacket" to connect the Rack & Pinion to the stock steering column. A simple shaft and u­ joints were used to couple the stock column to the rack. Once ididit tilt steering columns became popular, a special steering column had to be developed to connect the steering shaft to the rack & pinion.

A special u-joint and shaft has now been developed that may be used with the non-rack type ididit tilt columns to connect to the rack & pinion system. This shaft and u-joint kit can also be used with any other brand tilt or non-tilt steering column in a '55-'57. So if your car already has an aftermarket column, this new kit will make it much easer and economical to upgrade to the rack & pinion steering unit. No welding is required; just one cut and some minor drilling.

Parts List
1955-57 Rack & Pinion Steering Shaft With ididit Tilt Column Shift
1955-57 Rack & Pinion Steering Shaft With ididit Tilt Column Floor Shift

Tools Needed:
Chop Saw or Hack Saw
5/32" Allen Wrench
5/16" Drill Bit & Drill
1/2" Wrench

Time Frame
2 Hours

Image #1: An ididit tilt steering column with column shift has a 3/4"-36 spline shaft while a floor shift tilt column has a l" double D (DD) shaft. The shaft protrudes from the bottom of the steering column one inch.

Image #2: When the steering column is installed, the bottom of the column will be flush with the firewall. This allows clearance for a stock steering box, a 605 or 670 power steering box.

Image #3: The old design ididit rack and pinion steering column had an extra long shaft that protruded from the bottom of the column five inches. The 5" shaft would place the upper U-joint for the rack and pinion unit in the exact same location as if a stock mast jacket was being used. This was done so that the old style u-joints would not bind.

Image #4: A new u-joint has been developed that will allow the use of a regular non-rack ididit tilt column with the rack & pinion.

Image #5: Our new shaft kit includes upper and lower u-joints and an 18" length of DD shaft. Install the new upper u-joint included in the kit on the steering column. Be sure to choose the proper kit for your (column shift or floor shift) column. The upper u-joint is held to the shaft with a set screw and jam nut.

Image #6: The lower u-joint included with both kits has a 3/4" DD at the top to connect to the new shaft that runs between the upper and lower u-joints. The bottom of the u-joint has a 7-milimeter DD that connects to the rack and pinion unit. The u-joint is held to the shaft and rack and pinion unit with set screws and jam nuts. Install the u-joint onto the 3/4" DD shaft making sure the shaft does not protrude lower than the top half of the u-joint.

Image #7: Tighten the set screw on the flat of the shaft. This will leave a mark on the shaft. Remove the shaft from the u-joint and using a 5/16" drill bit, drill a dimple in the shaft. This will give a proper seat for the set screw and will prevent the shaft from moving relative to the joint.

Image #8: The lower u-joint has two set screws. One set screw will seat onto the flat of the shaft that protrudes from the top of the rack and pinion. The other set screw will seat into the dimple you just made on the steering shaft.

Image #9: The 18" DD shaft will need to be cut to length. With the lower u-joint installed on the rack, hold the shaft next to the upper u-joint on the column and mark the shaft where it needs to be cut. The shaft is mild steel so it can be cut with a hack saw, band saw or chop saw. The shaft inserts into the upper u-joint exactly one inch.

Image #10: With the shaft installed in the upper u-joint, tighten the set screw on the flat of the shaft so that a mark is made. Remove the u-joint and drill a 5/16" dimple for the set screw. With the set screws and the 3/4" DD shaft in our new kit, no welding is required which makes for a very clean setup.