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Like the old drag racers say: "If it don't make it go fast, chrome it!" Classic Chevy has carried a simple bracket for many years that replaces the left front engine mount and works as a power steering pump mount. Until now this bracket has only been available as a painted part. With so many custom cars being built these days it was time to dress-up this entire area. Classic Chevy now offers the pump bracket and adjusting arm in chrome along with a chrome powersteering pump, pulleys and hardware to dress up the power steering system. A steel braided hose kit has also been developed to replace the plain black hoses as the finishing touch. This will really give your power steering system (605,670 or rack) a finished custom look.

Parts List
1955-57 Chrome Power Steering Pump Adjusting Arm
1955-57 Small Block Satin Chrome Power Steering Pump Bracket
1955-57 6-Cylinder & V8 Engine Front Mounting Kit
1955-72 Chrome Late-Model Power Steering Pump
1955-68 Small Block Chrome Double Groove Water Pump Pulley
Chrome Crank pully Single Groove
1955-72 Small Block Chrome Double Groove Crankshaft Pulley
1955-57 Small Block Power Steering Pump To Crankshaft Pulley Belt
1955-1957 Chevy Stainless Steel Power Steering Hose Kit For 605 670 Power Steering Box
1955-1957 Chevy Power Steering Hose Kit Stainless Steel Braided CCIRack & Pinion Power Steering Boxes With O-Ring Fittings replacement
1955-57 Chrome Power Steering Pump Pulley
1955-57 670 Brushed Aluminum Power Steering Box Cover
670 Power Steering Box Cover, Polished

Tools Needed:
9/16" Wrench
5/8" Wrench
11/16" Wrench
3/4" Wrench
9/16" Socket & Ratchet

Time Frame
4 Hours

Image #1: From 1955 to '57, the V8 engines used front engine mounts. These mounts bolted to the front of the engine and had studs with grommets that attached to the frame. If the car had original power steering, the power steering pump mounted on the back of the generator. If you are installing a 605 or 670 power steering box or a rack and pinion unit, a later model power steering pump must be installed.

Image #2: The new chrome power steering pump bracket/left front engine mount PIN 53-27C replaces the stock left front mount. This bracket may also be used on side mounted small blocks. To remove the original front mount, the engine must be supported on the driver's side with a floor jack under the oil pan or by lifting the engine with an engine hoist. Before the engine can be raised the upper nut, flat washer and rubber grommet must be removed from the left front motor mount.

Image #3: With the engine raised, the left front motor mount bracket may be removed. The bracket is held to the front of the engine with two 9/16" X l " bolts with lock washers.

Image #4: The new chrome steering pump bracket PIN 53-27C bolts to the front of the engine using the same two bolt holes the stock mount used. The new bracket comes with all chrome mounting hardware. The bracket is held to the front of the engine using two chrome 9/16" X l" bolts and lock washers.

Image #5: The stud for the front engine mount passes up through the hole in the bottom of the new bracket. Lower the engine down onto the rubber cushion and install the stock upper cushion, washer and nut. If the cushions and studs need to be replaced, kit PIN 18-06 includes all necessary parts.

Image #6: The chrome power steering pump PIN 207- 43 bolts to the new power steering bracket with a chrome 9/16" X l" bolt, flat washer and lock washer. The rear of the pump has a stud that fits in a groove in the back of the bracket. The rear stud is secured to the bracket with a chrome nut, flat washer and lock washer.

Image #7: The adjusting bracket PIN 53-29C for the power steering pump bolts to the upper water pump bolt on the driver's side of the engine . The adjusting slot fits onto the upper rear stud on the back of the power steering pump. A chrome 9/16" nut , flat washer and lock washer for the adjusting slot is included with the PIN 53-27C bracket kit.

Image #8,9: The new chrome pulley PIN 53-311 has a keyway that matches up to the key on the shaft of the power steering pump. Install the pulley onto the shaft of the pump. The pulley is held in place with a chrome nut that is supplied with the PIN 53-27C pump bracket.

Image #10: The third groove on the crankshaft pulley (farthest out from the timing cover) is used to drive the power steering pump. The first groove is for the alternator and the second groove is for the air conditioning. A one-piece double-groove chrome pulley PIN 211-21 is used for the first and second groove. For the third groove a separate chrome pulley PIN 53-34C is used. The PIN 53-34C pulley fits inside the PIN 211-21 pulley to make up the three grooves.

Image #11: The two pulleys bolt to the harmonic balancer with three 9/16" bolts and lock washers.

Image #12: If air conditioning is installed, a double groove pulley PIN 211-19 must be used on the water pump. If air conditioning is not used a single groove pulley PIN 211-18 may be used.

Image #13: The fan belt PIN 41-12 may now be installed. With the power steering pump adjusted the pump will Jean to the inside slightly: This will allow for clearance between the forward upper control arm stud and the pump reservoir.

Image #14, 15: A cover for the 670 power steering box is available in polished aluminum PIN 53-311 or brushed aluminum PIN 53 -312 and includes four stainless button head bolts and Jock washers.

Image #16: To finish off the dress-up , we will install new stainless steel power steering hoses. Hose kits are available for the 605/670 power steering box and the rack and pinion kits. The kit includes high quality Teflon hoses and all stainless steel fittings.

Image #17: The 605 and 670 power steering boxes have inverted flare fittings. The inner fitting closest to the engine is for the pressure hose.

Image #18: At the power steering pump a banjo fitting is used on the pressure hose. This will allow the hose to be oriented in any position to clear the exhaust or steering components. The hose kit includes a banjo bolt, two copper washers and a banjo block for the end of the hose.

Image #19: The banjo fitting screws into the pressure line port in the back of the power steering pump. Orient the fitting so that the line will clear any moving suspension parts or any hot exhaust parts. With the fitting installed in the steering box, hold the steel braided hose next to the banjo fitting on the power steering pump and mark the hose where it will need to be cut. The hose is made extra long so that it will work with a small block or big block engine.

Image #20: The banjo fitting has a main body with a ferrule and a locking nut.

Image #21: After marking the steel braided hose, wrap it with electrical tape. This will keep the steel braid from fraying when the hose is cut. Before cutting the hose, install the locking nut for the banjo fitting. The steel braided hoses are Teflon, not rubber , so the hoses must be cut with a blade that will not create any heat. A sharp chisel works great!