When installing an ididit column shift tilt column, the shift lever must be spaced away from the firewall about 1/2". This will allow the shift lever to clear the firewall properly and give it full travel from Park through Low. Many times, when a tilt column is installed, the shift lever may not protrude into the engine compartment far enough, causing the shift lever to hit the firewall. Our shift lever spaces will cure that problem.

Parts List
1955-57 Shifter Arm Spacer Kit Use With ididit Column Shift Tilt Column

Tools Needed:
3/32 Allen Wrench

Time Frame
1 Hour

Image #1: With the column installed in our project car and adjusted as far down into the engine compartment as possible, the shift lever fell short of protruding into the engine compartment far enough by about 1/4". To fix this in the past the firewall would have to be massaged (cut!). On a painted car that's just not an option.

Image #2a, 2b, diagram: On an ididit column shift tilt column, the shift lever is held to the bottom of the shift tube with four #8 machine screws. Since the lever is removable, our spacers may be installed between the lever and the shift tube to space the lever into the engine compartment. Remove the four screws that hold the shift lever to the shift tube and remove the shift lever.

Image #3a, 3b: The new shifter arm spacer kit P/N 57-178297-1 includes two 1/4" spacers and four 3/4" long and four 1" long #8 machine screws. One or both spacers may be installed as needed co position the shift lever in the proper position away from the firewall. Our project car required both spacers to allow the shifter arm to clear the firewall. Your application may only need one of the spacers. With our new spacer kit you can "dial-in" the tilt column exactly for our application and not have to modify the firewall!