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Tired of a hot and noisy classic? The way to solve those two problems is with a HushMat insulation kit from Eckler's Classic Chevy We have worked directly with HushMat to custom build kits just for your classic. No more guessing how much you need to order for your car, we have figured it out for you! HushMat insulation will keep the heat out, your air conditioning in and will greatly reduce exhaust, road, engine, rear end noise and vibration as well. It is super easy to install, is self-adhesive and will stick to any interior surface you apply it to. It comes in easy-to-handle squares instead of large, hard-to-handle rolls or sheets. It is constructed of 100% Butyl and aluminum with just 1/16" total thickness; far thinner than most other insulation products on the market, which allows it to be installed into tight cavities while still providing superior R 3.6 insulating power. The manufacturer of HushMat is a tier 1 supplier to many domestic OE automobile manufacturers, so chances are this is the same high quality product found in your super-quiet new car!

Parts List
1955-57 Chevy Headliner Insulation, HushMat
1955-57 HushMat 4-Door Front & Rear Door Insulation
1955-57 HushMat 2-Door & Quarter Insulation
1955-57 Chevy Floor Insulation, HushMat
1955-57 HushMat Package Tray Insulation
1955-57 HushMat Behind Rear Seat Insulation
1955-57 All Except Convertible HushMat Complete Body Insulation Kit
1955-57 HushMat Convertible Complete Body Insulation Kit

Tools Needed:

Time Frame
3 Hours

Image #1a, 1b: The floors in all classics are fairly flat and are pretty easy to cover with floor insulation. We will cover every inch of the floor with HushMatto help keep the heat and noise out.

Image #2: One place that is often missed when insulating a car is the top. Over 50% of the heat and sound entering the car can come through the top, so if you are replacing the headliner don 't forget to insulate this all-important area.

Image #3a, 3b: A putty knife and some elbow grease will remove the old top insulation. This will make a pretty good mess so doing the top first before the floor really makes sense.

Image #4a, 4b, 4c: The HushMat insulation is thinner than the original insulation so there will not be any clearance issues with the headliner support wires as with thicker insulation. The HushMat insulation has an aluminum surface on one side and wax paper on the other side to protect the sticky surface. Peel the wax paper back and apply the insulation in place

Image #5a, 5b: In areas where the insulation needs to be trimmed, a pair of kitchen scissors works fine. The headliner insulation kit PIN 14- 76 includes twenty insulation tiles. Twenty tiles will cover more of the top area than the original insulation did

Image #6a, 6b, 6c: The floor insulation kit PIN 14-79 includes more than enough insulation to cover the entire floorboard. Starting in the center of the floor, work your way out to the rocker panels. Save any scraps, as these can be used to fill in small areas on the floor. A carpet or box knife can be used to cut the hole in the floor for the shifter hole if necessary.

Image #7a, 7b, 7c, 7d: Starting at the forward toe boards, work your way to the rear. Sections of the insulation will need to be cut to fill in the area in front of the rear seat riser and to the inner rockers.

Image #8a, 8b: A wedge can be cut from the scrap to fill the area between the toe boards and transmission tunnel.

Image #9a, 9b: Now the floor is covered completely from the firewall pad to the rear seat riser!

Image #10: Using the remainder of the insulation from the floor insulation kit, cover the area under the rear seat.

Image #11a, 11b, 11c, 11d: The door and quarter insulation kit PIN 14-78 includes ten 12" X 24" tiles to cover the inner skin of the doors and quarter panel area at the quarter window. The insulation must be applied to the inside surface of the outer skin. We found it easiest to pass the tiles down through the door glass opening since there was no glass in our car. If the glass is in your car, the tiles can be folded and passed through the door access panels.

Image #12a, 12b, 12c, 12d, 12e: The package area is another good place to install insulation. Insulating this area will keep out all of the noise and heat transferred from the trunk area. The package tray insulation kit PIN 14-80 includes four 12" X 12" tiles. This amount of material will cover about 90% of the package tray area. We had some extra material left over from the floor kit so we covered the remainder of the package tray area for 100% coverage. Using a carpet knife, we trimmed around the back glass area and around the speaker holes.

Image #13a, 13b, 13c, 13d: The last place we will cover is the cardboard behind the rear seat. This will seal up 100% of the noise and heat coming in from the trunk area. The behind the seat insulation kit PIN 14 -8 1 includes enough material to cover the entire cardboard panel. Enjoy your quieter and cooler classic! You'll have to remind yourself that you are driving a 50-year old car instead of your new Cadillac.