In November 2004 Classic Chevy International introduced the new Classic Instruments gauge sets for the 1955-56 cars. This gauge set will fit in the stock instrument cluster and includes a speedometer, tachometer, oil, water, fuel and volt gauges. The kit has a brain box, wiring harness and the oil and water sending units. The fuel gauge is calibrated tor use with the stock fuel sending unit. This gauge set is available in black, white, tan and gray colors. With the installation of these great looking custom gauges, the stock clock looks way out of place. Classic Instruments has just released new clocks to match the gauge sets. The clock mounts in the stock speaker bezel using a billet adapter and really finishes off the upgrade on the gauges.

Parts List
1955-56 Black Face With White Hands Classic Instruments Quartz Clock
1955-1956 Gray Face With Red Hands Classic Instruments Quartz Clock
1955-1956 Tan Face With Red Hands Classic Instruments Quartz Clock
1955-1956 White Face With Black Hands Classic Instruments Quartz Clock
Beveled Polished Clock Adapter
Stepped Polished Clock Adapter
Concave Polished Clock Adapter
Stepped Matte Finish Clock Adapter
Beveled Matte Finish Clock Adapter
Concave Matte Finish Clock Adapter

Tools Needed:
Wire Cutters Screwdriver
Wire Stripper/Crimper
Clear or Black Silicone
18-Gauge Wire

Time Frame
1 Hour

Image #1: The Classic Instruments gauge set fits in the stock gauge cluster with no adapter plate for a very clean and simple installation. The gauge kit is available in black, gray, tan and white. White is shown.

Image #2: On a 1955-56, the clock is mounted in the s peaker bezel on the passenger side. The new clock mounts in this original location.

Image #3: The factory clock harness has a gray and red wire. The gray wire is for the light in the clock while the red wire is the power wire. Both wires will be reused with the new clock.

Image #4: The original clock is keyed into the speaker bezel. There is a spring washer between the clock and clock bezel to keep it tight. To remove the clock, push in on the clock and turn it counter-clock wise from the front. The clock will pop-out the front side of the speaker bezel.

Image #5: The new clock requires an adapter to fit the speaker bezel. This adapter is available in 3 different cut -styles and in polished or matte finish.

Image #6: The clock will glue into the adapter and the adapter and clock assembly will then glue into the speaker bezel. Put three or four dabs of silicone around the housing of the clock and install the clock into the adapter.

Image #7: Put three or four dabs of silicone around the outside of the clock adapter and install the adapter in the speaker bezel. Make sure the clock is oriented correctly and not crooked. Allow the silicone to dry for at least 30 minutes before installing the bezel back into the dash.

Image #8: There are two yellow wires on the back of the new clock. These wires need to be connected to the two wires on the push button switch supplied with the clock. This button is used to set the time on the clock so there is no shaft or knob on the face of the clock which makes it look very clean.

Image #9: The clock is supplied with a new light socket. Push the socket into the back of the clock housing.

Image #10: On the back of the clock there are two male spade terminals marked #1 and # 2. The # 1 terminal is the ground terminal. Using 18-gauge wire, make a ground wire to lead from the clock to the body. Connect one of the wires from the clock light to this terminal also.

Image #11: The #2 terminal is the power terminal. Connect the red wire from the factory clock harness to this terminal.

Image #12: Cut the stock light socket off the factory clock harness and connect this gray wire from the harness to the remaining wire for the clock light.

Image #13: The speaker bezel and new clock may now be installed back into the dash.

Image #14: The button for setting the clock may be mounted anywhere. To set the clock, push and hold the button until the desired time is displayed. To advance the clock one minute at a time, press and release the button quickly.

Image #15: We used the P/N 06-337 polished step adapter. Check out the 5 other designs and styles and choose the one that best fits your look.

This clock matches our gauge set perfectly and finishes off the upgrade nicely.

Original post date: May 2006