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If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to customize your early Ford truck, we can't think of a better way to do it than with our early Ford V-8 truck decals and stickers. Available at Mac's Auto Parts at low prices with fast shipping, any one of these decals will make your vintage Ford truck truly unique.

The early Ford trucks made from 1932 to 1947 rank among the most collectible automobiles ever made. Ford introduced its flathead V-8 engine in its trucks in 1932 as a response to Chevy's competing six-cylinder engine.

The result was a powerful, sturdy workhorse that became a favorite of many Americans. When company founder Henry Ford died in 1947, an era that had changed the American landscape and culture ended.

But his grandson, Henry Ford II, pointed the company in the right direction, initiating the Ford F-series trucks. These trucks have dominated the U.S. market and have been leading sales for the past four decades.

Add a Unique Look

Our Ford decals provide a great finishing touch on your antique automotive masterpiece. Whether you take your truck to car shows, participate in club rides or use it as a street rod, these Ford stickers will make your Ford stick out. You are bound to get lots of comments and questions - and maybe even a few catcalls from the Chrysler crowd if you decide to display a sticker saying "I'd rather eat worms than drive a Mopar" on your truck's bumper.

You'll also discover cool decals for your Ford truck's interior here, like speedometer stickers that show you when to shift. Besides looking neat, these decals can cut down on the gear grinding and the lugging.