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James L. Ferman, Sr. became a franchised Chevrolet dealer in 1949 in Tampa, Florida. However, Mr. Ferman's involvement in auto­ mobile sales began many years before his official recognition by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Corporation. It was fifty­ four years before, in 1895, thatJim Ferman, Sr.'s grandfather, Fred Ferman, Sr., began the Ferman Motor Car Company.

Tampa was still a small town in 1895 so a lot has changed about the city and Florida's west coast in the past 104 years. However, one thing has stayed the same; the strong presence of the Ferman company.

Beginning in 1949, the Tampa area has seen tremendous growth and Jim Ferman, Sr., the third generation to head the growing company, was at the wheel when returning servicemen began to remake Tampa after World War II. As the nation's automotive industry and economy soared through the 50's and 60's, Ferman Chevolet expanded and grew to meet the burgeoning need for cars. Mr. Ferman is still at the helm today with a furn hand on the tiller as he leads his company into the face of nationwide competition from the Internet. According to Jim Ferman, Sr., "Ferman Chevrolet is run on one basic premise and that is the Golden Rule is the only rule that works. It has served the company and its customers well for 50 years and I hope to see us continue for fifty more."

    Photo Captions:
      1. 1940 photo of sales staff in front of dealership
      2. Original Chevrolet Motor Company letter fax.
      3. A busy showroom in 1956
      4. Original 1950 sales brochure
      5. Vintage photo of first Ferman Motor Car Company in 1895 (bicycles)