Top-Of-The-Line: 1966 Caprice 2-Door Sport Coupe

Rekindling memories in a 1966 Chevrolet Caprice 2-Door Sport Coupe

By Adam Morales

In 1965, we lived next door to the local Chevrolet Dealership. In October of that year I saw a load of cars being delivered on a transport truck. On the very top was an amazing 2-door Caprice! It was love at first sight. I told my wife, Diane that we were going to buy that car. On October 7th, 1965 we bought it for $3270. We traded in our 1959 Impala, and our note was $74 a month. I admitted to Diane that I wasn’t sure if we could afford it, but we would enjoy it while we could. We ended up owning the car for ten years and put over 100,000 long miles on it.

I have been looking for a nice 1966 Caprice 2-door Sport Coupe to remind me of the great times we had with that car. While online In February of 2014, I came across this great looking car! A mint condition 1966 Caprice with the 327 4bbl engine. The car was located about 900 miles from home in Perryton, TX. I admired that big Chevy for few weeks before calling Al, the owner. After at least ten phone calls, I told Diane we were hooking up the trailer to get that beauty!

When we were 100 miles from Perryton, it started snowing. We stopped for fuel and Diane, being from southern Louisiana, wasn’t sure if we should continue. I told her we needed to keep going. When we arrived we met Al and drove the car for the first time. It was everything he said it would be. We have enjoyed every minute with the car since that day!

[envira-gallery id="2066"]1966 Chevrolet Caprice

Did you know?

•First offered as a top-of-the-line option on the 1965 Impala 4-Door Sport Sedan (for “only” a $200 premium), the Caprice became its own luxury series in 1966. Similar to the Impala in 4-Door Sport Sedan and six and nine-passenger Station Wagons, the 2-door Sport Coupe had its own distinctive, formal roofline. All Caprice models featured upscale interiors and trim.

•The Caprice line was conceived to compete directly with Ford’s LTD. Approximately 181,000 Caprices were sold in 1966. This figure does not include station wagons.

•The 1966 Caprice was offered in 15 different body style/engine combinations. Body options included 2-Door Sport Coupe, 4-Door Sport Sedan, and 4-Door Station Wagon. Engine options were all 8-cylinder versions: L32 283 2bbl (195 hp), L30 327 4bbl (275 hp), L35 396 4bbl (325 hp), L36 427 4bbl (390 hp) and L72 427 4bbl (425 hp).

•Assembly plants for the 1966-1970 Caprice models included Atlanta, GA, Arlington, TX, Doraville, GA, Flint, MI, Framingham, MA, Janesville, WI, Norwood, OH, South Gate, CA, Los Angeles, CA, St. Louis, MO, Tarrytown, NY and Wilmington, DE.

•MSRPs started at $3000 for the 2-Door Sport Coupe, $3083 for the 4-Door Sport Sedan, and $3234 for the 6-passenger Station Wagon. These prices reflected a roughly $300 premium over the Impala models.

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