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Ram Air Modification For Your Gen 4 Camaro

pic-1Tools you will need:

    1. Saw or Dremel Tool

    1. 200 plus grit sandpaper

    1. 10 mm socket

    1. ratchet

    1. 3" extension

Expect approximately 20-40 minute install time

Purpose:  This modification will remove most of the bottom plastic on the bottom of the air box. This will decrease the air temperature significantly giving your car some extra horsepower and better air. However, expect your air filter to get dirtier a lot quicker than usual with this modification.

Reminder: Make sure you have the keys out of the ignition. Why? When you remove the sensors from the air box lid assembly, you do not want to start the car. You will set the Service Engine Soon (SES) light. If you do start the car without placing the sensors back in you can easily reset the SES light by following these steps:

    1.  Turn key to the "on" position but don't start car
2.  Pull the PCM BAT and PCM IGN fuses in engine compartment
3.  Wait approximately 5 minutes
4.  Turn ignition off
5.  Replace fuses
6.  Start the car and then make sure the light has gone off

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Comments: At the time we completed this mod we had no other performance modifications. We could tell a noticeable difference in throttle response and additional horsepower. We experienced a slight "whistling" type sound from time to time. Don't worry about that sound if you experience it. The sound occurs because we removed the silencers on the air box lid assembly.

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